Streets.MN, by the numbers

Streets.MN has been online for about seven months. We’re a growing website and we’d like to thank those of you who keep coming back. I thought it would be fun to share some of our statistics.

Our most popular day is Monday. We get approximately 700 unique visitors on your average Monday. Wednesday appears to be our next most popular day. Streets.MN sees about 2,300 visitors per week and upwards of 9,100 visits per month. Weekends have been slow, especially this summer. I see that as a good thing. Enjoy the great outdoors!

We’re starting to get popular on Twitter (424 followers and counting!), but we’ve got only 208 Facebook friends (you can help change that by visiting our Facebook page and clicking “Like”). Social media drives the traffic on our site, followed by search engines, Google Reader and the MPR News Cut blog (thanks Bob!).

In the last 30 days, our top 10 hit sources were:

1. Facebook – 958 hits
2. Twitter – 582
3. Search Engines – 271
4. Google Reader – 222
5. MPR News Cut – 193
6. The Transportationist – 167
7. TC Sidewalks – 67
8. UrbanMSP Forum– 58
9. TC Streets for People – 53
10. – 41 / Star Tribune – 41

We’re working hard to improve the site, provide more great content and bring back the much demanded podcast. To prove that we’re trying to make things happen at Streets.MN, I’ll share with you an action shot from our last meeting.

Photo courtesy of @bslotterback.