National Links: Build a Better Lego Bike Lane

Every day at The Overhead Wire, we collect news about cities and send the links to our email list. At the end of the week we take some of the most popular stories and post them to Greater Greater Washington, a group blog similar to that focuses on urban issues in the D.C. region. […]

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You’re Invited! Mass Ride on Hennepin Ave with “Hennepin For People” and Greenway Glow on September 18th

Short and quick: Come join Hennepin For People for a Mass Ride on Saturday September 18th, meeting at 4pm at Smith Triangle Park (by Temple Israel at 24th and Hennepin). There will be a decorating station if you want to make your ride flashier for the ride, the group will make one or two laps […]

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Move It!: A Case Study of Mississippi River Boulevard and Trail

By Maura Haas Editor’s note: is once again presenting essays on Twin Cities’ public space from students at Macalester College. Read through all the essays from this and previous years here. The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has brought about a transitional period for public spaces. In the last year, we have shifted how we engage […]

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Classic Articles

Bloomington’s Comprehensive Plan: Forward 2040

Bloomington’s 2040 Plan, titled “Forward 2040” was officially adopted by the city on Aug 5, 2019. Unlike in Minneapolis, it passed with little notice and little controversy. Here are a few points that caught my attention. Housing and Diversity Although the need for more high density housing is acknowledged like in the Minneapolis plan, here […]

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Beyond the Big Yellow Bus

When I was in school as a child I took the bus. Nearly everyone I knew took the bus or walked. Now, my children are in the very small minority who walk or bike to school. Many children are still bussed to school, but my memories of 1985 do not include a long line of […]

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High Rises and the Transect

It’s probably safe to say that high-rises rank at the top of the list of things most residents don’t want to see in their neighborhoods. Fears of traffic, crime, depressed property values, and changing neighborhood (or even citywide) character for the worse will no doubt be cited in opposition. Even most pro-urban folks will agree that development […]

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