National Links: Dallas Plans Ignored

Every day at The Overhead Wire we collect news about cities and send the links to our email list.  At the end of the week we take some of the most popular stories and post them to Greater Greater Washington, a group blog similar to that focuses on urban issues in the DC region.  […]

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Five Keys to Rochester’s North Broadway Debate

A lot has happened during Rochester’s North Broadway discussions, but I feel that much of the consternation is not about the project itself. Rather, people in Rochester are debating about which direction the city is heading. There is a group of people, both elected and not, who are clinging to the last strands of what […]

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A Trail Runner’s Confession: Five Things Trail Runners Need To Do to Be Safer and More Polite Trail Partners

I’ve been running on trails a lot lately, preparing for the Stillwater Half Marathon, which is mostly on the Gateway Trail. Along the way, I’ve been reflecting on whether I could become a better trail citizen. We runners and walkers are an awfully self-righteous breed. We love to criticize the manners of cyclists on area […]

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Minneapolis 2040: Tree Edition

Minneapolis residents may be wondering who is digging holes in their neighborhoods and dropping little trees in them. It’s the Forestry Division of the Minneapolis Park Board. Trees are great for the environment. They’re good for public health. They can calm car traffic. Maybe they reduce crime? They definitely make streets vastly more pleasant places […]

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The “True Test” Of A Region’s Transit System Isn’t Serving Commutes

On Friday, May 11th, leaders in Minneapolis-St. Paul government and civil society, representing organizations like the Itasca Project, GreaterMSP, the Met Council, and others got together for a briefing on “Regional Indicators.” This event was an opportunity for people from disparate but powerful groups to come together and learn where the region is making progress […]

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Sunday Summary – May 20, 2018

Thank you, Tom and Julie for summarizing on Sundays for me while I was away from MN and away from most streets altogether. But, I’m back and here’s last week on Bike to Work Day Julie Kosbab provided a summary of posts related to bike commuting in Bike to Work Day: A Content Retrospective. […]

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Walking All the Streets in Northern Field

South Minneapolis’s Field neighborhood extends eastward from Interstate 35W to Chicago Avenue and northward from Minnehaha Creek to 46th Street, as shown by the blue tinting in the following map. My first day’s stroll through horticulture and history started and ended on 46th Street, from Clinton Avenue (A) to 3rd Avenue (B). The five spurs […]

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A bicycle helmet with multiple cracks after an accident

Unsafe Streets Are Inequitable: For Vulnerable Road Users, “Doing Everything Right” Isn’t Enough

On July 30, 2015, I was riding in the bike lane of Marshall Avenue, commuting home from work, when I was hit by a car driver turning left (midblock, into a parking lot). I am only just this month—May 2018—settling with the driver’s insurance company. Here are just some of things that have to go […]

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The Hennepin Bus Lane Experiment

I’ve been a Route 6 rider for over 40 years, and you’d think I’d be resigned to the long, slow trip down Hennepin Avenue between Franklin and Lake Street. The Wedge/Uptown is prime bus riding country, so you expect to stop every block. Even though you expect a slow trip, it’s frustrating when it takes […]

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A flowchart illustrates the accompanying text to share what happens when a snowy or icy sidewalk is reported to 311

Winter Walking & The City of Minneapolis Maintenance Study

The long-anticipated City of Minneapolis’ Winter Maintenance Study is being presented to the City Council’s Transportation and Public Works committee on Tuesday. The Study looks far afield for solutions, analyzing municipal winter maintenance responsibility across the country, but without ever evaluating the efficacy of either our current system or the ones studied. Despite its importance […]

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