Three Things the Twin Cities Would Do if it Really Wanted an Amazon HQ

By now you’ve all seen the news about the amazing Amazon HQ. 50,000 high-paying jobs landing in some North American city is basically the mega-fantasy of every economic-development-person slash tax-base-loving-politician in the country. And the Twin Cities is among them. Cue the Amazon takes: Governor Dayton, cautiously optimistic; Chris Coleman, running for governor, releasing a […]

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Chart of the Day: Projected Decline of Individual Car Ownership

Here’s an eye-opening chart for your Thursday. It comes from a RethinkX (a think tank) report released earlier this Spring. The report is titled “Rethinking Transportation 2020-2030: the disruption of transportation and the collapse of the internal-combustion vehicle and oil industries.” The chart shows a projected shift away from individual car ownership and to something […]

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Terrorist Cars

Technology is a mixed bag. Nowhere is this more evident than in transportation. Hyper-mobility, the ability to quickly travel across long distances gives the illusion of bringing us all closer together. Yet the ability to quickly traverse space causes us to live farther apart (because we can) and it has the unintended negative impact of […]

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1970 Mobil Ad

Sunday Summary – September 10, 2017

State Fair, done. Defeat of Jesse James Days, almost over. School open, yes. Local apples, definitely. Must be Fall! A light week here on, but here’s what we’ve got: A Walk in Eastern Como is the next walk in the alphabet from Max Hailperin and the third in the Como area of Minneapolis. As always, […]

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A Walk in Eastern Como

Much of the Como neighborhood lies between two diagonal sets of railroad tracks. The more northerly was originally the Northern Pacific, while the more southerly was the Great Northern. Today both belong to BNSF. (I previously photographed these tracks running southeast out of Northtown Yard in Columbia Park, adjacent to the Shoreham Yard interchange.) The one exception […]

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Join us Friday night for the Red Line Ride!

A few weeks ago, Bill Lindeke, Mike Hicks, and myself toured the Red Line. I’ve taken it a few times before for errands, but never to just explore. It’s an unique mode of transit here in the Twin Cities that tries to be LRT on rails and…well, determine for yourself how well it does this […]

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1970 Mobil Ad

Amazing 1970 Mobil Ad on Pedestrian Safety

Shared Wednesday, August 30, 2017 on the Twitter feed (which you should be reading!), this amazing 1970 Mobil ad will resonate with local pedestrian advocates:   Text: There are very few principles worth dying for. Last year, 9,800 pedestrians laid down their lives for this one: “The pedestrian always has the right of way.” […]

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The Developing Thrivent Building Story

As of right now, Thrivent Financial owns a collection of surface parking lots and one uniquely shaped 18-story tower in Downtown Minneapolis. For what seems like ages, their tower loomed over a vacant corridor of the city where even surface parking was off limits, contracted only to the employees of Thrivent Financial. But following the […]

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Kitten Reading Internet Comments

We Read the Strib Parking Article’s Comments So You Don’t Have To

When controversy happens….when tempers flare….we read the comments, so you don’t have to. On Sunday, as teased on Twitter by our own @streetsmn account, the Star Tribune posted an article It’s not your imagination — parking is disappearing in Minneapolis. The subhead and picture on the article gave a taste of what was to come, with a […]

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Sunday Summary – September 3, 2017

Happy September!  Labor Day weekend traditionally signals the end of summer when we get back to school and buckle down to work.  You could use your new pencils/laptop to write for welcomes new writers at any time to extend current discussions, bring new perspectives to issues on, or add new voices to […]

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Five Reasons to Support the Snelling Avenue South Zoning Study

The Saint Paul City Council hearing on the Snelling Avenue South Zoning Study is on September 6th, 2017. Highland District Council, Macalester Groveland Community Council and Union Park District Council voted to support the Study. The Snelling Avenue South Zoning Study recommends Traditional Neighborhood rezoning of Snelling and its commercial nodes. Traditional Neighborhood zoning will […]

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Chart of the Day: US Population Growth by Age Cohort

Here’s a chart from a new study (via Ritholtz) about the big picture of US demographics. To make a long story short, older people! The report, titled “America’s Demographic Challenge: Understanding the Role of Immigration“, is all about how aging and population dynamics intersect with ethnic and racial difference. In Minnesota, as in the rest […]

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