National Links: Will Remote Work Mean More Driving?

Remote telework could mean more driving to meetings, plus righting the racial wrongs of transportation policy.

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It’s Past Time for Minneapolis to Act. Let’s Start with Design Option 1 on Hennepin.

This article is based on a co-presentation by Elissa Schufman and Abigail Johnson to the Transportation & Public Works Committee of Minneapolis City Council on March 31, 2021. We have to transform our streets to live out commitments to racial justice, to economic justice, to accessibility—and to meet our climate commitments, we have to do it […]

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The sights and sounds of Hennepin Avenue

Before the City of Minneapolis comment deadline closes today, let’s consider what Hennepin Avenue currently is. Drowning in a sea of cars. Chaotic, loud, and hard to track where the next danger will come from. All images courtesy of Derek Bauer. Derek spent a few hours documenting Hennepin Avenue at my request. A place for […]

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Classic Articles

Spring Cleaning and Recycling

The temps have finally climbed into the 50s. I’ve thrown open a window or two, letting a little clean, fresh sunshine and breeze into the house. Spring is finally in the air. And that means spring cleaning time. With spring cleaning comes recycling. You might have noticed recycling is front-page news in Saint Paul right […]

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I Love Gardens

As we’ve moved through our week-long lovefest, a variety of human made and natural features have been lauded, ranging from the very human parks (Rice Park) and cities (St. Paul), and the very natural features of trees and the Mississippi River. Today, I’d like to laud that intersection of human and nature: the garden. […]

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A Wintry Bike Social

30 Days of Biking is a pledge to ride your bike every day in April. That means EVERY DAY, regardless of the weather, even when the ground is spongy with weird springtime snow and little ice daggers are stinging your face. So it was on Day Three, when our first Thursday night Bike Social was scheduled […]

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