Boulevard Cactus

Walking All the Streets of Kenwood

Minneapolis’s Kenwood neighborhood is intimately associated with the Lake of the Isles, more so than the other three neighborhoods that ring the lake, even the two that have “Isles” in their names (Cedar-Isles-Dean and East Isles). As shown in the route map, it nestles into the recesses of the northwestern shoreline. That makes a view such as the […]

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Chart of the Day: Percentage of People Near Frequent Transit

There’s a very cool new report out from the Institute for Transportation & Development Policy titled “Indicators for Sustainable Mobility.” The study attempts to boil down what makes a transit-friendly city into a few simple measures, attempting to solve what they call the “black box” problem of many transit metrics. The study looks at Minneapolis […]

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Snow covered bike path with bike basket and bar mitts in foreground. River with railing and bridge, plus dawning sun and grey clouds.

My Commute is Delightful

As described in’s Mission and Core Values, one facet of better places in Minnesota is that they’re “delight cultivating.”  I’ve been contemplating what sorts of places bring me delight, and one of my biggest joys recently has come from an unexpected source: my work commute route. After years of part-time bicycle commuting, I elected to sell […]

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National Links: Missing Middle Not Enough

Every day at The Overhead Wire we collect news about cities and send the links to our email list.  At the end of the week we take some of the most popular stories and post them to Greater Greater Washington, a group blog similar to that focuses on urban issues in the DC region.  […]

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Brian Lamb and Metro Transit Deserved Better

How incredibly stupid. The newly appointed Met Council Chair has fired the best General Manager in Metro Transit’s history and replaced him with someone who has no transit background. What? The CEO sets the tone for the organization. I know how important a good general manager is to this transit system because I served under […]

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Nice Ride On Lrt

Counting The Homeless On The Train One July Evening

Dignity. Housing. Help. Five dollars. That’s what some people clamored for when they saw us on the Blue Line one July morning. With our safety vests on and our clipboards wielded, they recognized us as staff (volunteer or paid, it didn’t seem to matter to them) conducting the Point-In-Time Count. It’s a quarterly – now […]

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Margaret Street at Johnson Parkway after construction 2018

Improved Yielding to Cyclists in St. Paul

Most days I commute to work using the Margaret Street Bicycle Boulevard. This east/west street has been a designated bikeway for a while. St. Paul recently received federal funds for some major improvements: The intersection with Johnson Parkway was closed to cars. The intersection with White Bear Avenue got a flashing HAWK light. The intersection […]

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Sunday Summary – January 13, 2018

Last Week’s Posts An Easy Way to Make Suburbs More Walkable: Sidewalk Shortcuts by Eric Ecklund. Even if the street network is winding, “there is an easy way to make the suburbs more walkable without requiring significant investment: simply adding a sidewalk connecting streets and neighborhoods can incentivize walking for more purposes than just recreation.” Reclaiming Mississippi […]

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An Easy Way to Make Suburbs More Walkable: Sidewalk Shortcuts

Making the suburbs, especially outer ring suburbs, walkable will require a significant shift in how we treat pedestrians in terms of infrastructure investment and in terms of interacting with them while driving. However, there is an easy way to make the suburbs more walkable without requiring significant investment: simply adding a sidewalk connecting streets and […]

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Symptoms and Causes of Car Dependency on Lake Street

I want to talk about Lake Street. Specifically, East Lake Street. More specifically, East Lake from about 35W to about 36th Ave S. There’s a ton I like about this stretch. Every tortilleria, taqueria, and independent grocery, for example. The proximity to Powderhorn Park, a jewel in the Minneapolis Park system. The Midtown Global Market. […]

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