Little Canada’s “Other” Transportation Infrastructure: Bicycling

This is part of a series of posts about a study on Little Canada’s transportation infrastructure for people who take transit, walk, and/or bike. Transit: Parts One and Two, and Walking addressed Little Canada’s buses and sidewalks. This part has an analysis of Little Canada’s biking infrastructure. What Exists Now And What Is Planned For Biking Biking can be rather difficult […]

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Chart of the Day: US Pedestrian Deaths by Race/Ethnicity

Here’s a pretty simple chart from “Dangerous by Design“, Smart Growth America’s three-year-old report on pedestrian safety: The key point on the report’s summary explaining these statistics: Who are the victims of these collisions? People of color and older adults are overrepresented among pedestrian deaths. Non-white individuals account for 34.9 percent of the national population but make […]

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Adventures in Suburbia: Building Affordable Housing in Blaine

On a 6-1 vote on August 3, the Blaine (MN) City Council approved an actual high-density housing development. I have previously questioned Blaine’s priorities for development, including years of bizarre hand-wringing over putting high-density housing in other locations, like in The Lakes development. However, Blaine has decided that it is time to approve some density. […]

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Metro Transit Gets Greener

Metro Transit has been working hard to become greener, with quite a bit of success. The results were recently presented in a staff report to the Met Council, excerpted below. Increasing bus MPG from 4.1 to 4.7 may not seem like much, but it’s a 15% improvement. Buses aren’t the only area of improvement. Metro […]

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Map Monday: US Supercommuting Trends

Here’s a map via Governing Magazine that shows how the trend in “supercommuting” has shifted over the last year or two. It has some fun stats embedded in here:   This is my favorite bit from the article: Oil and gas workers were the most likely to have super commutes, at 19 percent in 2015, […]

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A New Vision Zero for St. Paul: Part 2 – Evaluation

In part one of this Vision Zero advocacy piece, I outlined “five Es” of implementing the plan: Evaluation, Engineering, Enforcement, Education, and Encouragement. In this part, I will briefly touch on Evaluation, as well as how quickly it intersects with implementation and some of the other Es. Evaluation Saint Paul has taken important first steps in the […]

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Sunday Summary – August 13, 2017

Summer is waning with less than two weeks until the start of the Great Minnesota Get-Together and three until Labor Day weekend. Election season will be heating up, too, and the Saint Paul side of the Voter Guide continues to expand with responses by mayoral candidate Pat Harris.  You can find all our election […]

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From the Fairest Creatures We Desire Increase: Notes on MetroTransit’s Fare Raise

On October 1st, Metro Transit will increase fares on all buses and trains by 25 cents.  While that small dollar amount may seem inconsequential, this decision comes as a culmination to a protracted debate.  Transit advocates have argued that the fare increase unfairly and disproportionately affects the poor. Proponents do not necessarily disagree, but argue […]

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Walking in Western Como

Several acquaintances, knowing that I’m walking Minneapolis’s neighborhoods, expressed confusion when I announced that Como was up next: “In Minneapolis??” Apparently the name brings St. Paul more readily to mind. St. Paul was where the name first immigrated to Minnesota, when Charles Perry in 1848 named Como Lake after Lake Como, despite the substantial differences between […]

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Chart of the Day: Costs of Driving a Car

Here’s a chart from an excellent ten-year-old report out of the Victoria Transport Policy Institute called “Socially Optimal Transport Prices and Markets” that stands up pretty well today. The 50-page report goes into detail about different country’s incentives for driving, walking, transit, and bicycling in an effort to explain why country’s transportation systems are so […]

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