Chart of the Day: Extreme Poverty in Senegal

So, technically Senegal is not in Minnesota. But a reader passed this map along to me, via the science blog, and I thought I’d share it! Here’s the problem: the vast majority of “mega-cities” in the world are located in the Global South, where rapid growth and a lack of equitable economic development […]

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Saturday Morning Adventure on Central Avenue

Saturday mornings in the Hop household. Contrast a typical weekday morning with an easy going day, full of relaxation and adventure. Its Saturday today.  Time for an adventure! Sometimes we make errands an adventure too. Ordinary daily tasks can certainly be turned into a fun time for the little ones. Imagination and mindset are the […]

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The Great Bicycle Helmet Controversy

A month ago we took a look at the history of bicycle helmets and data on their usage at various locations in Minnesota. But should a bicycle helmet by mandatory, or even worn in the first place? Everyone points to the original study saying they reduce head injuries by 85% or tells anecdotes about how […]

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Front of a single family home with christmas lights

Sunday Summary – December 10, 2017

There’s still time to Buy Your Ticket Today for the Winter Fundraiser Party! for Tuesday night. Click through to buy your ticket (or click the button to the right) and read six great reasons Bill Lindeke gives for why you should attend. If you can’t join us, there are many ways to enjoy the season […]

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Northeast Diamond Lake

Returning to the Diamond Lake neighborhood for a third day, I took a circuitous loop (shown in blue, with supplemental spurs shown in red) through the northeastern corner of the neighborhood. In addition to the neighborhood boundaries of 55th Street and Cedar Avenue, this area is shaped by two parks: Lake Nokomis Park on the northeast and Edward C. Solomon […]

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Chart of the Day: Two Sectors of CO2 Emissions

You might have seen this chart making the rounds this week. It shows the relative size of US CO2 emissions according to electricity generation and transportation. Here’s the chart: The article, via Ritholz’ blog and Bloomberg News, talks about the reason for the shift. It has everything to do with change power grid in the […]

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Riding Buses on Nicollet Ave

How many of us that live in this city own cars? How many of us just bike? How many of us just walk? How many of us use ride share services? How many of us use Metro Transit? Or other? These are things I’m always curious about on raw data. For myself, I bus 40% […]

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A New Corner on Nicollet

Another day, another thought on Nicollet Ave S, I’m open to suggestions on what topics to cover, I have a dozen but I also like crowd sourced thoughts. To be honest, writing and photographing Nicollet Ave could be a forever project for me. It has been at least a self project for a while as […]

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The Quarterly Transit Report-December 2017

Buses return to Nicollet Mall Once again it’s a pretty quiet schedule change, mostly putting the buses back on Nicollet Mall. Returning from exile on Hennepin Avenue are Routes 10, 11, 17, 18, 25 and 59. The detours worked operationally, but caused substantial ridership reductions, so hopefully riders will return over the next year or […]

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Can the West Loop Still Happen?

If you asked one of the thousands of new Minneapolis residents who moved in since 2010 “What are the borders of North Loop?”, you may find they consider the western border to be the 4th Street freeway viaduct. Despite the neighborhood continuing on west up to I-94, the viaduct walls off a landscape of low […]

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Sunday Summary – December 3, 2017

Welcome to December on Here’s the week’s haul: Join us! Join December 9 for a Holiday Train Northstar trip! and Join December 12 for Winter Festivities – a fun evening with The Theater for Public Policy, special guests Eric Roper of the Strib and Fred Melo of the Pioneer Press, food, drink, and chance […]

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