Map Monday: Minneapolis Transit Gap Map

Here’s a great new mapping tool called All Transit: Gap Finder that does some number crunching and identifies the places with the largest “transit gaps” in service in any given city. It uses a combination of population data and transit service data to figure out where the biggest mismatches between density / population and transit service […]

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Sunday Summary – February 18, 2018

Mid-February, the time we Minnesotans settle in for the rest of winter while dreaming of Spring. But let’s celebrate where we are in the year. Since Valentines Day happened last week, consider what Valentine to Your City you might send. Heidi Schallberg composed a little Valentine to Minneapolis (drawing inspiration from Wausau, Wisconsin): “If I wrote a […]

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Chart of the Day: Rent Gap Theory

There’s a wonderful article at Strong Towns by Daniel Herriges that folks interested in Twin Cities housing will likely enjoy. The piece contains this chart, which attempts to explain some of the real estate forces behind gentrification and disinvestment. Folks who spent much time learning about old-school urban geography eventually come across this concept — […]

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30 days of Winter Biking

I hate winter. I can’t help it; I’ve never loved it, even though I’ve lived in MN my entire life. I don’t like cold, I have winter driving fears (my only auto accident was in the winter) and I worry about everyone I love and care about. In fact, winter driving conditions helped bring about […]

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It Should Be Easier to Take the Bus

We used to live downtown, where I walked to pretty much everything. Occasionally I’d fire up the ol’ car for a rare trip to a suburban place to shop, but mostly I’d pick up what I needed on Nicollet Mall or Hennepin Avenue. Then we decided to look for a house and considered one pretty […]

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Window filled with red hearts that have reasons why people love the city

Valentine to Your City

The idea of writing a love letter to your city isn’t new. I hadn’t thought of it in a while, but then I was in Wausau, Wisconsin, last weekend, where downtown storefront windows were filled with red hearts proclaiming reasons why people love Wausau.     At the state’s oldest bookstore, I donated a buck […]

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Sunday Summary – February 11, 2018

Super Bowl cleanup is almost done and now we move on to the Winter Olympics where Minnesota is well-represented. Ski fast, Jessie Diggins! Your Summarizer apologizes for interrupting this post and being such a passionate cross-country skier and fan, but also points out how events like the recent City of Lakes Loppet bring people together […]

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Downtown West, Day 4

Were it not for the Mississippi River and its St. Anthony Falls, there would be no downtown Minneapolis, and so my exploration of the neighborhood inevitably brought me to the riverside and its historic gateway, railroad, and mill areas. Although I saw a few structures dating to the 1870s, the area has been so extensively […]

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pedestrians on Energy Park Drive

Safe Streets: Narratives of Pedestrian Advocacy

On February 8,, in partnership with Nexus Community Partners’ Boards and Commissions Leadership Institute, is hosting a free event — Safe Streets: Narratives of Pedestrian Advocacy. This is an evening of education, and sharing experiences of being a pedestrian. Come hear examples from local advocates and government about how we have or could incorporate the voices and […]

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My Category Test for Public Comments

I’ve spent five years on the Saint Paul Planning Commission, a Mayor-appointed group of people intended to provide a broader perspective on city planning and zoning decisions. Planning Commissions are meant to be a less-political buffer between the public and elected officials, and Commissions have a long history that dates back to the early 20th […]

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2018 board

Sunday Summary – February 4, 2018

Superbowl Sunday is finally here. writers had much to say about the stadium in its development phase, now’s the time to see how it works for a huge event. You could have been watching other sports, too, including cross country skiing on Nicollet Mall. Or, just take a quick walk up Nicollet with Matty […]

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Nicollet Hyperlapse

Nicollet Hyperlapse

A January 18, 2018 walk down Nicollet Mall and what used to be Nicollet Avenue and the Gateway District. Music: Bill Lindeke’s piece about the Gateway District of Minneapolis the other day (and the Super Bowl infrastructure going up) inspired me to record my walk down Nicollet on this fine day.

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