Minnesota Sunset, Winter

Support streets.mn: Give to the Max Day & More!

Winter is coming. So is Give to the Max Day, which will take place Thursday, November 15, 2018. We realize that Give to the Max Day is really noisy on social media, so we thought we’d lay out our case early here: streets.mn is a 501(c)3 non-profit, fully registered with state and federal tax authorities. Your […]

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Minneapolis Skyline

Chart of the Day: Minneapolis Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Citywide Activities

Via the City of Minneapolis, here is a chart of greenhouse gas emissions from citywide activities. Greenhouse gas emissions decreased 3.1% in 2016 compared to the 2015. Increases in emissions from natural gas consumption, solid waste, and wastewater were offset by decreases in emissions from electricity consumption and on-road transportation. The City adopted goals in […]

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School Ratings In Minneapolis

Southwest Minneapolis: Critical to Minneapolis 2040

Where do people want to live? The short answer: Minneapolis. Millennials don’t want to spend their lives inside cars, and older residents don’t want to be dependent on driving for simple tasks like getting groceries or picking up a few things at Target. People increasingly want to live near the amenities of a city as […]

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Ford Site Meeting Highland

National Links: Public Participation

Every day at The Overhead Wire we collect news about cities and send the links to our email list.  At the end of the week we take some of the most popular stories and post them to Greater Greater Washington, a group blog similar to streets.mn that focuses on urban issues in the DC region.  […]

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Screen Shot 2018 11 08 At 9.46.32 Am

Map Monday: Visualizing Twin Cities Sprawl, Density, and Change

Like many of the maps I find I came across a webpage via Twitter, hat tip to @stateofthecity. The webpage takes data from the Global Human Settlement Layer and runs it onto Google Maps. This is the result, Human Terrain by Matt Daniels (@matthew_daniels). I immediately panned to tool over to Minnesota and geeked out. Something I […]

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Rail Train

Is Minnesota All Aboard for Intercity Rail?

After posting about potential rapid transit routes in the Twin Cities here and potential regional rail routes in the Twin Cities here, now is the potential for intercity rail in Minnesota. History of Intercity Rail in Minnesota Post-Amtrak Like most states, Minnesota had a large intercity rail network operated by private freight railroads. With the […]

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Screen Shot 2018 11 01 At 9.44.44 Am

Sunday Summary – November 4, 2018

Tick, tick, tick…almost Election Day and Your Vote Matters – Get Out And Vote! Voting is the first, best form of citizen engagement, and Henry Pan writes, “the Your vote has the power to influence so many things transportation-related. For example, like how Metro Transit is run. There are very important races at the Federal level, […]

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Trick or Treat! streets.mn Turns 7!

Zero score and seven years ago, the @streetsmn Twitter account was created, an anniversary we think is cooler than the Halloween blizzard: Today is the 7th anniversary of @StreetsMN on Twitter. We think @natehoodstp or @trnsprtst are to blame. pic.twitter.com/OkYszohQJn — streets.mn 🛴🚴🚌🚃🛶 (@StreetsMN) October 31, 2018 And the first posts on streets.mn were published […]

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How Do We Price Dockless Bikes?

Nice Ride’s recent move into the dockless bike sharing world has been interesting for its distinctive approach with virtual, or at least painted hubs, a modest $5 fine for parking outside a hub, and people who repeatedly leave bikes outside hubs banned from the system. If they’re being nice I’m going to guess you’ll probably […]

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Bakyard Pizza Oven

Sunday Summary – October 28, 2018

Thinking of Joining streets.mn? Just Do It! Yes, streets.mn is looking for new board members. Board member Angelina McDowell says, “I am especially calling out those similar to myself – those with limited experience of being on a board. I got into this very “wet behind the ears” and unsure if I was doing things right. I […]

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Walking All the Streets of North Central Howe

A neighborhood’s residential core often houses its educational institutions as well. Having toured western Howe’s industrial and retail districts on my first and second days in the neighborhood, I was squarely in the residential core on this third visit. And sure enough, my path wound its way around two schools and a recreation center. I also encountered an innovative business where […]

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