Positively 4th St: One Block Shows Us the Way in Minneapolis 2040

The draft Minneapolis comprehensive plan, Minneapolis 2040, is both a bold proposal at odds with the direction of the past century of American municipal policies, and yet unfortunately deferential in places to existing power structures. In other words, it’s a totally normal political document. The bold part, in housing policy, is to do away with […]

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Sunday Summary – July 15, 2018

Here’s the week on streets.mn, a week in which free-range motorized scooters descended on the Twin Cities along with heat and humidity. We’ve got a hot take on those scooters, some thoughts on ping pong tables plus some continuing discussion of Minneapolis 2040, transit, bicycling, and a bit more: Scooters! Bill Lindeke announces I, For […]

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Do Cities Like Minneapolis Have High Transit Ridership? (Part 2)

In the last post, I discussed which foreign cities are most like Minneapolis in terms of population distribution. In this post, I’m going to present some numbers about the transit systems of those cities, in order to determine how extensive Minneapolis’ transit system could be, given the distribution of its population. Transit share in New […]

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Walking All the Streets of Northern Hale

Visiting neighborhoods in alphabetical order generally means jumping around, often to quite different areas. But the Hale neighborhood is due east of Fulton (where I last walked), so I experienced some definite continuity. Not that the two neighborhoods are contiguous: Lynnhurst, Tangletown, and Page intervene. But the mere fact of being equally far south implies the neighborhoods […]

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Does Bike Commuting Impact Your Carbon Footprint? And How Much?

[This post originally appeared on the Our Streets Minneapolis blog.] Many bike commuters cite reducing carbon emissions as their reason for biking. Does switching from a car or bus to a bike reduce one’s carbon footprint and by how much? Japan, China, the Netherlands, and Denmark collect the most data on carbon emissions and bikeable […]

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Beyond Apocalyptic Yard Signs

It’s a maddening time lately, with political actors denying obvious truths and using scare tactics to sidestep honest dialogue. In any debate about change, political winds favor the side with the simple message: NO. It’s easy to fearmonger, deceive, and put words on lawn signs that conjure impending annihilation. I like to think Minneapolis is […]

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The City: Where Ping Pong Tables Go To Die

I used to say the internet was suburban. Theory: Facebook (and possibly the Internet) is suburban. Twitter is urban. — Chris Steller (@chris_steller) April 13, 2013 The idea being, both on the internet and in the suburbs you get the feeling you could be anywhere. Nowadays I might offer some serious quibbles with that proposition, […]

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Sunday Summary – July 8, 2018

A somewhat light week on streets.mn thanks to the Independence Day holiday (click here to read or reread the Declaration of Independence; one excerpt tripped the Facebook acceptable content filtering…worth reading the Declaration past the first few oft-repeated paragraphs to see the demands made and how the language might get flagged by Facebook). In the […]

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