A Twin Cities Green Big Year

Like many others, our extended family started having regular Zoom gatherings during the stay-at-home phase of the pandemic. Before Covid, we’d never had a group call of any type, but suddenly our four households in St. Paul, Jersey City, Baltimore and the Gulf Coast of Florida were spending an hour together on Zoom every Sunday. […]

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Minneapolis Should Open the Protected Bike Lanes on Blaisdell Avenue

Cyclists and pedestrians: Email Minneapolis City Councilmembers and the staff associated with the Blaisdell protected bike lanes. Urge them to keep you safe on our streets year-round and to hold staff accountable to following the city’s Complete Streets policy.

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National Links: Stop Treating Transit Like a Business

Every day at The Overhead Wire, we collect news about cities and send the links to our email list. At the end of the week we take some of the most popular stories and post them to Greater Greater Washington, a group blog similar to that focuses on urban issues in the D.C. region. […]

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Classic Articles

Newflash: St. Paul isn’t Minneapolis (and that’s a good thing)

If you were to read the City of St. Paul’s legislative wish list, you’d see a list of big projects such as: $14 million to improve the Children’s Museum $7 million for parking and transportation improvements at Como Park $32 million loan forgiveness tied to the Xcel Energy Center (in an effort to not pay […]

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Addressing a neighborhood gap

Freeway development in the Twin Cities, while considered necessary for economic growth and to address traffic congestion, was not particularly kind to the neighborhoods it went through.  Where it didn’t destroy neighborhoods entirely, it seriously impacted them.  Once construction was complete, the neighborhoods had to contend with the noise and pollution from vehicles using the freeway.  The […]

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Five Saint Paul Problems that Streetcars Might Solve

The Saint Paul streetcar plan came out a few weeks ago. The city is holding open houses on the streetcar proposal beginning this week. (Yesterday!) You can read all about streetcars here on the site… Saint Paul has a strong tradition of being skeptical about trends, and the streetcar plan is no exception. For example, […]

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