Sunday Summary – May 21, 2017

Looking ahead to the Minneapolis DFL conventions this summer and on to the general election in November, is starting to compile its 2017 Voter Guide. There are already several podcasts with candidates posted and this week we publish the first Minneapolis mayoral candidate to respond to our questions, Captain Jack Sparrow. Our 2013 Voter […]

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So Much Depends on the Next Six Weeks on Maryland Avenue

I’ve spent years beating the safe streets drum on this site and elsewhere. Of all the dangerous streets the Twin Cities, the ones that upset me the most are the 4-lane urban arterials, aka the “Four-Lane Death Road™“. These are found everywhere in Minneapolis and Saint Paul, particularly in poorer areas of town, and I’ve been calling for […]

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Chart of the Day: Minneapolis and Saint Paul Populations as Percent of their Peak

Via erstwhile gadfly David Brauer, here’s an interesting chart. The 2016 census population estimates came out last week and sparked an interesting conversation on Twitter this week. Here’s the original population chart, via former board member / forum founder Nick Magrino: (He got the chart from a recently released Met Council report…) Following the chart […]

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Highland Character Quest

Recently, I purchased a home about a half a mile north of this industrial waste site. I was okay with this, since prior to finalizing the contract I had read some very intriguing things about the city’s plans for the site, known in conversation as “The Ford Site.” But after living in my new community a while, […]

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Sunday Summary – May 14, 2017

Every Spring, there comes a day when I realize there’s shade again from the trees; that happened this week. For another Spring ritual, Stephanie Rouse takes us to The Annual MayDay Parade staged by In the Heart of the Beast Puppet & Mask puppet with many pictures, some history, and how the event carries out HOTB’s “brings people […]

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Parking on 38th Street

As previously mentioned, the current city plan for bike lanes on 38th Street is to allow parking in the bike lane from 6 am to noon in two spots near local businesses. While I wasn’t personally there to witness it, I’m told that Council member Andrew Johnson described this new plan as a “compromise” at […]

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Central Central

Editor’s Note: Max Hailperin is walking each of Minneapolis’ 87 neighborhoods, in alphabetical order. He chronicles his adventures at and we’re sharing them here at, at a pace of one or two walks per week. Having walked the western portion of the Central neighborhood on Friday, I returned on Saturday to the central portion […]

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Scrutinizing Roads To The Same Degree As Transit

Note: This article contains my personal opinions and are not official nor endorsed statements from my employer. The Tunnel Vision That Shapes Transportation Funding Proposals The current omnibus bill proposal regarding the state’s allocations for transportation funding has been a popular subject for Minnesotans. The Republican legislators successfully passed their proposed omnibus bills in both […]

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The Annual MayDay Parade

Every year, more than 50,000 people are drawn to the Powderhorn neighborhood in south Minneapolis to participate in the festivities of the MayDay Parade. This is not your typical parade — the mission statement of the event is “to bring people together for the common good through the power of puppet and mask performance.” The event uses […]

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Nature’s Lawnmowers

Photo Courtesy of Samuel Geer The release of 30 goats onto the bluffs of Indian Mounds Park was like a red carpet affair.  Their tenders called out the name of each goat as they stepped out of their trailer, only to be met with the excited shrieks of children and the snapping of pictures.  The […]

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Why Even Have City Policies If You Can Legally Park in the 38th Street Bike Lane?

Minneapolis has a Complete Streets policy. The city website describes one of the key elements of this policy thus: “Establishment of a modal priority framework to inform City transportation related decision making that prioritizes people as they walk, bicycle, and take transit over people when they drive.” The concept it pretty simple. When we’re deciding […]

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Sunday Summary – May 7, 2017

A busy first week of May here on with multiple opportunities to get involved (see Public service announcements), consideration of particular places, and longer posts thinking about bigger issues. We’d like you to get involved, too, by writing for us, volunteering, or supporting financially – is 100% volunteer and member-supported, so we really […]

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