Tonight – streets.mn Virtual Happy Hour 5-7pm

Hello again! I cannot believe it’s been two whole weeks since the first ever streets.mn Virtual Happy Hour! Well we’re going to do it again, thanks to the gracious Zoom-mastery virtues of our host, Glen Johnson. Stop by and share stories about walks, bike rides, visions for the cities or public places in your neck […]

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Living on the Edge: Covid-19

The other day, I talked for over an hour with an old friend who now lives in Madrid. They teach English in a public school in the capital and have been on lockdown for the past two weeks. With over 110,00 confirmed Covid-19 cases  in Spain, lockdown for them means that only people with dogs […]

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Femme/Trans/Women/Non-Binary Meet-Up: Wednesday, April 8

Our mission here at streets.mn highlights the value of inclusive conversations. In order to encourage and amplify underrepresented voices, streets.mn is hosting an online F/T/W/NB (femme, trans, women, non-binary) meet-up next week. If you identify as femme/trans/woman/non-binary, you’re welcome to join us for a casual meet-up of the streets.mn ftw/nb community! You should especially consider joining […]

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EXCLUSIVE: Leaked Images of Rejected MnDOT Bike Manual Concepts

In a noteworthy scoop, streets.mn editors have obtained a dossier of bicycle infrastructure concepts from the Minnesota Department of Transportation (MnDOT). In the interest of public disclosure, we are sharing them at this juncture. The files convey a number of potential designs that appear to have been rejected through usual agency protocols, part of an ongoing […]

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A Metro Transit bus with signs indicating that it is under quarantine is parked on the back side of the agency's Heywood Garage near Downtown Minneapolis. March 24, 2020. Photo: Henry Pan

Amid Coronavirus Chaos, Metro Transit Allows Rear Door Boarding, Cuts Service, Neglects Operator Needs

Front Door Boarding Suspended Onboard Metro Transit Buses After pressure from activists, last Wednesday, Metro Transit began to follow in the footsteps of other agencies who have taken preventative measures to stem the spread of COVID-19. They began to institute back-door-only boarding on many of its routes. Metro Transit became the second agency in the […]

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The Case for the Current Ayd Mill Road Proposal

I heard you groan: “Why are we still talking about Ayd Mill Road, especially amidst a global pandemic?!?” Well, my friend, we’re talking about it because our Public Works Department and highway departments around America are continuing to pave things. Like a Cyborg Terminator Coronavirus, highway departments will keep paving until the day civilization ends […]

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Virtual Happy Hour Friday! 5-8pm

We liked the last Virtual Happy Hour so much we’re doing it again, folks. Fellow streets.mn Board Member and Zoom-meister Glen Johnson has agreed to moderate again. Hang out online with other streets.mn folks, and share stories about how the recent virus-related changes to your life are affecting you. We’re even going ot have a […]

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Map Monday: New Rental Listings on Zillow

Going around on Twitter, housing advocates are sharing maps of various zipcodes showing new rental listings on Zillow within the last 14 days. While we do expect listings to go up in spring, a key factor in this is airBNB markets melting down during COVID-19 travel restriction, both legal and social. Here is Zillow for […]

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Local Reactions to the Coronavirus Pandemic at the Urban-Suburban Edge

How has Coronavirus affected your neighborhood? There are several components to the way neighborhoods react: people, business, transportation, etc. Some reactions are common, some unique to each neighborhood. So yesterday I decided to document the most public & specific of these reactions: businesses. Everyone needs to shop & run errands, so how does the pandemic […]

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How Metro Transit Is Responding To The Coronavirus

Transit agencies across the nation are feeling the brunt of the coronavirus, and Metro Transit is no exception. While Metro Transit does not have definite numbers, Howie Padilla, Metro Transit’s spokesperson, says that “Ridership has definitely decreased.”  But they’re not worried about how much ridership has gone down right now. “Our priority is to serve […]

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Virtual Happy Hour Today! 5-7pm

Hey! Feeling cooped up? Missing your public space fix? Want to chat about streets, cities, and “social distancing”? Well, come hang out on Zoom with us. Some members of the streets.mn board are hosting the first ever virtual happy hour. I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling cooped up and would love to chat […]

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