two hammocks, a tent, and a bike leaning against a tree.

Bikepacking Is Great

I went bikepacking again! That makes Memorial Day weekend and Labor Day weekend, the perfect bookends to summer for bikepacking. Our destination this time was a hike-in site at beautiful Afton State Park. We weighed the pros and cons of taking such a roundabout route, and decided that this route was better than the one […]

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Portland Ave After

Bloomington’s Four-Lane Death Roads Revisited

One of my first articles for was on Bloomington’s Four Lane Death Roads, (four lane undivided roads) written in response to Bill Lindeke’s introductory article on Four-Lane Death Roads.  Four years later it’s time to revisit the subject with updates and additional background material. The Problem With Death Roads: Conflict Points Imagine a typical trip […]

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Rest Of Hennepin People Of Color

Map Monday: Hennepin Minus Minneapolis: Density of People of Color

Minneapolis is a dominating economic presence in Hennepin County and in the state of Minnesota. As the base of the state’s dominant newspaper even Minneapolis’ politics can dominate so many conversations all Minnesotans need to be having about the direction of our whole state. Last week I posted a series of maps produced by Three […]

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41714674 294945397986262 702607317631238144 N

The West Broadway Open Streets Scavenger Hunt Photo Contest is Tomorrow!

West Broadway Open Streets is tomorrow, and will be there tabling, talking, and hanging out on one of Minneapolis most dynamic, historic, and interesting streets. Please stop by! We’re also putting on the first ever Open Streets scavenger hunt photo contest! We hope to do this for Open Streets event in the future, but […]

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Median Rent & Cost of Child Care in 50 Metros

Chart of the Day: Rent Costs vs. Childcare Costs, by Metro

We talk a lot about housing costs. For many people who have children, the cost of childcare can be equivalent to another full rent/mortgage payment each month. Hotpads used data from’s Care Index and the Census Bureau, and found that the average monthly cost of child care in the U.S. – including at-home and in-center care – […]

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Trees Hiawatha

Walking All the Streets of Riverside Hiawatha

The strip of the Hiawatha neighborhood between 46th Avenue South and the river is distinctly different from the portions I walked on my first and second days. That’s especially true of the northernmost two sections visible in the route map, each of which was developed later than the main grid of the neighborhood. Between 40th and 42nd Streets East, […]

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Metro Transit 1.html

Metro Transit Gets Creative to Lure More Riders

Minnesota’s most predictable seasons — winter and roadwork — are no joke to the thousands of commuters who travel Interstate 35W through South Minneapolis every weekday. The $240 million construction project, which has reduced lanes and is closing stretches of the freeway altogether some weekends, will last until 2021. Inconvenience means opportunity for Metro Transit, […]

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Franklin Ave Bridge

A Tale of Two Bridges

Two bridges spanning the Mississippi River — one connecting Minneapolis and Saint Paul, and a similar bridge crossing the river a mile and a half upstream — exhibit design characteristics reflecting significant changes in how people move across bridges throughout our cities.    The Saint Paul-Minneapolis structure joining East Lake Street and Marshall Avenue was […]

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Halls Island Bridge

Sunday Summary – September 9, 2018

It’s almost Fall – we’ve passed Labor Day, but for Northfield (where I live) we have to finish up the Defeat of Jesse James Days this weekend before summer really ends. Do not call it “Jesse James Days” because there relevant part is defeating Jesse James and his gang (and stopping them from robbing the First […]

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As summer winds down, we here at are ramping up for fall with a full slate of events for everyone. Here are the events we have on our calendar for September: Happy Hour on Wednesday, September 12th Join your fellow comrades for a fall-time happy hour get-together! Let’s gather in a particularly transit- and […]

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Driverless Cars and the Cult of Technology

We constantly hear that driverless cars are just around the corner. We’re told they will revolutionize transportation and enable us to continue using our car-based transport and land-use system. If they’re made by Tesla, they’ll be powered by magic, solar-powered, super efficient batteries and we’ll all be able to keep living our hyper-mobile, hyper-consumptive lifestyles […]

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