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ADUs Are Working Great — Just Not for the Twin Cities

Overheated coastal housing markets have seen remarkable ADU booms, while the Twin Cities has had negligible ADU development.

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Summit Avenue Regional Trail Plan Sports 21st-Century Design

The Summit Avenue Regional Trail Plan’s street design is an elegant solution that could be replicated on other streets.

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Walk the Talk: Microtransit, Zoning and Street Revamps

Learn about the growth of microtransit in the Twin Cities, racial equity in outdoor space access, and more in this week’s Walk the Talk.

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National Links: Who Can Afford to Drive?

This week: walking is good for kids’ brains, apartment-phobia and its discontents, and what to say to people who think windows should come at a premium.

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An HourCar with missing hubcaps and a dented side panel.

The Decline of HourCar Makes ‘Car-Free’ Less Convenient

In the last five years, HourCar’s service has seen a steep decline, due to a reduced number of vehicles, a lack of basic maintenance and plain old neglect.

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Metro Blue Line Light Rail Transit Mall Of America

Transit Is in Trouble: Can We Expect Anyone to Come Help?

When your experience of riding the light-rail doesn’t mesh with the long-term solutions being proposed, what do you do? Speak up!

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Classic Articles

April Fools - Menards Living in Golden Valley, Minn

Menards Announces New “Live. Work. Save Big Money” Concept

Golden Valley, Minn — following in the footsteps of other lifestyle brands, Wisconsin-based Menard, Inc. has announced ambitious plans to expand its home improvement stores into mixed-use lifestyle centers. “Live. Work. Save Big Money.” is the co-living concept to integrate luxury apartments with everyday low prices on popular brands. Following market trends Although Menards Living […]

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How Much are North Loop’s 4th Street Onramps Costing Minneapolis?

Like most freeways, I long took the 4th Street viaducts for granted. They just loomed there at the edge of downtown taking up space, hoisted 30’ in the air like a helium whale. A grey meaningless concrete backdrop generating constant noise and microscopic particles of plastic, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxide, and other subtle poison. These […]

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Grandview Grill offers patrons encouraging words.

Walking: A Rare Joy of ‘Sheltering in Place’

Is it me? Or is everyone who is brave enough to go outdoors these days a little friendlier, a bit relieved to see another human being? With a record number of people unemployed, and only “essential” workers (a term that makes me feel dispensable) now allowed to report to their offices or shop floors, fewer […]

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