You may have noticed we have added a “Forums” tab to our menu. If you are adventurous, you may have clicked on that and been taken to UrbanMSP.


Unlike Streets.MN, UrbanMSP is a forum, meaning anyone can talk about a variety of topics, not just what is posted on the blog.

We are happy to link to our friends at UrbanMSP, which is the best message board for discussing “architecture, development, and infrastructure of the Twin Cities”. UrbanMSP grew out of the Minnescraper forums, and was set up by Nick Magrino, who will be posting at least occasionally here as well, and Shawn.

UrbanMSP forums complement the Streets.MN blog. Our mission statement explains: “Streets.MN is dedicated to expanding the conversation about land use and transportation issues in the Twin Cities and Greater Minnesota.”

“Land use and transportation” are just another way of saying “architecture, development, and infrastructure”.

So if you haven’t visited, and are jonesing to read more than we can write about developments in the metro and state, go over there and look around. There are some really fascinating details about new projects and plans in the region.