Finding Your Inner Caveman: Grog have fun here (grunt)!

check out the live amphibians and reptiles plus lots of cool hands-on stuff.

check out the live amphibians and reptiles plus lots of cool hands-on stuff.

You heard it here first: Cavemen might very well be the next big trend (move over owls!). Of course, I base this on nothing but the whole Paleo-diet craze. But who cares?! Your family will want in on this pretend trend with this weekend’s Finding Your Inner Caveman at the Carl Kroening Interpretive Center at North Mississippi Regional Park.

It’s no secret that I’m a fan of this hidden gem of a park. And programs like this one make me love it even more. At Finding Your Inner Caveman (or cavewoman, of course), ages four and up will “embark on a wild edible search, learn to throw a spear and drag their sibling by their hair start a fire with natural tools.”

There’s a small fee for this program ($5 or $6 depending on if you want to make an optional $1 donation). And reservations are required (you can make them here).

You go to here. Grrr!

Finding Your Inner Caveman
Saturday, August 10
1 – 3 pm

Carl Kroening Interpretive Center
4900 Mississippi Court
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