Call for Nominations: Category 5: 2013 Best Place for Local Music

Category 5: 2013 Best Place for Local Music.


From the jester to the heir to the throne,

Minnesota is, despite all appearances, a musical place.

Where will we continue the tradition?

Minnesota, What is our best all-local new music palace?


Use the comments to argue in favor of a nominee for the Best Place for Local Music.

8 thoughts on “Call for Nominations: Category 5: 2013 Best Place for Local Music

  1. Sam RockwellSam

    Icehouse on Nicollet. It features a wide range of good music — from jazz to hip-hop to indy rock and beyond — and has a great cocktail menu. The space itself feels equally good as a Sunday brunch spot and a Friday night rock club. Last, but certainly not least, Icehouse’s location on Eat Street makes it easy to grab a bite before a show and a drink, coffee, or doughnut afterward.

  2. Matt SteeleMatt

    From a musician’s perspective:
    – Aster Cafe
    – Harriet Brewing
    – Icehouse
    – Lee’s Liquor Lounge

    Over in St. Paul:
    – Amsterdam
    – Turf Club, as long as you never have to enter the bathroom.

  3. Chris IversonChris Iverson

    Varsity Theater. Great setting in a recently(ish) renovated space by the same people from the Loring Pasta Bar. Also, host to one of the top 10 bathroom facilities in the country. Cant beat that!

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