City Pages: Best Local Blog? has been nominated as a 2014 best local blog by the City Pages!

We launched over two years ago in January 2011 as a handful of scrappy bloggers with a logo pieced together in Microsoft Paint (here is what we looked like right after our launch). I remember being ecstatic over the 6,000 hits our first month. Now, we do that in about 3 days. We’ve expanded a lot since 2011. And, with expansion has come some growing pains. That’s our subtle way of saying, “Please Donate!

We’re honored to be part of a great group of local blogs. A big thanks to the editors of the City Pages for considering us!

Here’s the rundown. We’re up against some stiff competition.

  • Sidewalk Dog:

People love dogs. How are we going to compete with this? I mean, look at that little guy! Sidewalk Dog is easily the most adorable of the nominees. They provide a good service to dog lovers and have created a great directory of dog-friendly businesses. More people love dogs than road diets, transit-wonkery and municipal consent debates. But, how many of them read the City Pages or will be compelled to vote? I suspect not many.

  • The Heavy Table:

People love food. The Twin Cities foodie culture has really exploded and the Heavy Table has capitalized on that. It’s a smart and visually-appealing blog. Their reviews are painstakingly fair (that is a compliment). Heavy Table has an edge, mostly because they are certified pros at what they do. The question is; will they vote? I suspect not.

  • Gimmie Noise:

People love music. It’s part of the City Pages and is always full of interesting stuff. The blog does a great job of capturing the Twin Cities music happenings. I’m not sure of their fan base, but I’m going to assume it’s pretty big. The question again, will they vote? Yes. Absolutely.

  • Canis Hoopus:

People love sports. The Timberwolves are a blah-NBA team, but they have a dedicated fan base an a high rate of engagement. That means they’ll likely have a lot of followers voting. Sports fans love competition, and I think they’ll have a lot of support from readers. It’s a great sports blog, too!

Our chances: Meh. We’re happy to be a nominee. If you’d like to vote, you can do so by clicking here.

Thanks Everyone! We appreciate your continue support.