Chart of the Day – MnDOT Sources and Uses of Funds

Today’s Chart of the Day shows MnDOT Sources and Uses of Funds

Sources and Uses of Funds, FY2012, Total $2.72 Billion

Sources and Uses of Funds, FY2012, Total $2.72 Billion

Source: MnDOT  Annual Transportation Performance Report 2012

4 thoughts on “Chart of the Day – MnDOT Sources and Uses of Funds

  1. Cobo Rodregas

    I’ve recently read that Minnesota is 5th in miles of paved highway miles, but only 21st in population. And due to our weather our roads are some of the most expensive to maintain.

    I grew up in rural Minnesota, and I know how fun it can be to speed down an empty paved road in the middle of no where (ah, my misspent youth)… but now I can what a waste those are… Spending 100s of thousands to millions of dollars on road that only service a handful of people is not sustainable, and will cause huge fiscal problems in the future.

    I think we have passed the point were network expansion can create wealth. And I think that we are near the point of negative returns. But unfortunately no transportation bill will pass without promising network expansion.

    MN needs a road diet, at least in the areas where there is no traffic.

    1. Mark

      From MNDoT’s website, the 14% Federal Aid to Trunk Highway System is the money coming from Federal Fuel Tax grants ($394 million).

      The 11% Federal Aid to Local Roads and Multimodal is: $223.7 million Federal funds expended Local Roads and Bridges, $9.1 million Federal/Local rail projects, $28.1 million Federal funds Greater Minnesota, and $49.9 million Federal funds for Aeronautics funding.

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