1 million views != 1 million dollars

You may have seen our tweet that on September 7, streets.mn surpassed a total of one million page views.

Surely the value of each page view, which is on the order of a couple of minutes, has got to be a dollar per view to the reader. The official vision of streets.mn is to create “a public better informed and engaged on transportation and land use issues.”

One Millions Dollars

One million views…

Certainly that creates a public as well as private benefit. We hope that’s been happening, but we do not charge per view (unlike some publications we could name). In fact, we’re completely free!

In the big picture, streets.mn is also almost free to produce, the writers write for free too.

But we still have some costs.

  • We have to pay for servers. Our annual expense depends on traffic levels, and is thus rising
  • We want to upgrade the webpage design. 
  • We want to upgrade Bill’s podcasting equipment. This costs: $350.

If everyone gave us $1 per view, we would be set. If everyone gave us $0.10 per view, we would be set. If everyone gave us $0.01 per view – we would be set (for what we do now). In fact we get about $0.001 per view in donations per year from readers. Thus, we are not set. Help us increase this rate, and keep streets.mn on the internet.

Go to our membership page and join. Do it now. Thanks so much for your support!