10 Sure Signs You’re a Twin Cities Urbanist

In the style of Buzzfeed, I present to you… a waste of time for 30 seconds.

1) Every time you go past the Lake Street K-Mart, you are like…


2) You truly think some omnipotent, but incompetent being chose where SWLRT will run.


3) Whenever you have time to meander on walkable streets, you let people know.


4) You hear about Metro Transit’s plan to increase bus frequency around the region…


 5) … but then reality hits when you miss the last 115 bus back to Uptown.



6) You feel awesome when you defy safety logic and bike down Lyndale Avenue…



7) …But feel even better when you get to the Midtown Greenway and can just cruise without battling dozens of Subaru Outbacks.


 8) You get more excited & anxious about a proposed mixed-use tower on Nicollet Mall than pretty much any other thing in life.


 9) The new Green Line is great… but MAN, you know it could be much faster.


 10) And when it all boils down to it, you know that the rivalry between Minneapolis and St. Paul is as cute as this:

fighting kids

Chris Iverson

About Chris Iverson

Chris Iverson is a transportation engineer & planner for the City of Bellevue, WA and currently lives in Seattle. He holds degrees in both Civil Engineering & Urban Studies from the University of Minnesota, and worked on a myriad of transit & multimodal transportation projects in the Twin Cities. He is a former Minnesota Daily columnist, RAGBRAI participant, bad musician, marathon finisher, and an unabashed generalist.