Roll With Us Transit Challenge: March 1-7, 2015

This might be of interest in the community, particularly given the controversies associated with whether elected and appointed officials should and do use of the modes they are supposed to manage. Organized by a coalition of local advocacy groups, the “Roll With Us Transit Challenge” will be an excellent illustration of where transit works well, and where it doesn’t, pointing out issues where improvement is warranted. I hope more legislators and other officials can be persuaded to participate in this or something like it.

The following “Media Advisory” came across:

What:  Legislators Take “Roll With Us Transit Challenge”


Next week, March 1-7, Minnesota legislators have been challenged to ride transit, just as many of their constituents do. As the legislature considers transportation funding proposals this session, advocates are urging representatives and senators to “ride a mile in our shoes.”


Legislators signing up for the #HowWeRollMN transportation challenge will take public transportation to work, to day care, to the store, and other everyday tasks to witness the realities of today’s transit system. Over the past decade, funding for bus service has been flat, while ridership has been growing. As a result, people in our communities face significant challenges.


When:  March 1-7, 2015



“The goal of this week is to highlight the need for better transit by using it for all of our daily living needs. Although this week cannot replicate someone’s actual experience, we hope that we can at least open a window into the critical situation faced by Minnesota’s transit riders,” said Senator Scott Dibble, Chair of Senate Transportation and Public Safety Committee.



The bipartisan roster of legislators signed on includes (note: legislators continue to sign on, so this list is not complete):

Senator Scott Dibble (61, Minneapolis),

Senator Eric Pratt (55, Prior Lake),

Senator David Senjem (25, Rochester),

Senator Patricia Torres Ray (63, Minneapolis),

Representative Mike Freiberg (45B, Golden Valley),

Representative Sandra Masin (51A, Eagan),

Representative Rena Moran (65A, St. Paul),

Representative JoAnn Ward (53A, Woodbury),

Representative Laurie Halverson (51B, Eagan),

Representative Connie Bernardy (41A, Fridley),

Representative Erik Simonson (7B, Duluth),

Representative Jennifer Schultz (7A, Duluth),

Representative Mike Sundin (11A, Esko),

Representative Alice Hausman (66A, St. Paul),

Representative Frank Hornstein (61A, Minneapolis).

Lieutenant Governor Tina Smith and Metropolitan Council Chair Adam Duininck also will take the challenge.


The Roll With Us Transit Challenge is sponsored by: Neighborhoods Organizing for Change, Catholic Charities of St. Paul & Mpls., Fresh Energy, MPIRG, Sierra Club North Star Chapter, Transit for Livable Communities, TakeAction MN, ATU Local 1005, MN Center for Environmental Advocacy, Alliance for Metropolitan Stability, Summit Academy OIC, Minnesota Environmental Partnership, ISAIAH

4 thoughts on “Roll With Us Transit Challenge: March 1-7, 2015

  1. Matt Brillhart

    Is there a website or any other way to follow along with their activities (and findings) this week, other than the #HowWeRollMN hashtag?

    It would be great to see a full list of those who participated and to hear their thoughts on everything at the end of the week.

    And I know it was stated that the list of legislators was incomplete, but good god I would hope to see much higher representation from our Minneapolis, St. Paul, and inner-ring reps.

  2. g bernard hughes

    this is so sad.

    call your people & tell them you expect their participation.

    its also critical that legislators dont just park by the train so they can take it to & from downtown & call it a day. to truly understand the limits of our public transportation, they need to make multiple transfers, any 1 of which can involve a wait of 1/2 an hour for most bus lines in minneapolis.

    especially on weekends.

  3. John Charles Wilson

    I hope the non-Metro Senators try this as well for a week in their home areas. As much as we complain about Metro Transit, the situation is much worse outstate. I’ve lived in both Rochester and Duluth.

    Duluth’s system is passable, moreso now than when I lived there. The DTA used to cut off about 7 PM on weekends and not run at all on holidays. Now it runs till about 10 PM Saturday and 9 PM Sunday, and there is daytime service on holidays.

    However, Rochester is terrible if you’re transit dependent. Weekday service is OK up to the 10 PM cutoff, but the Saturday cutoff is about 7 PM, and there are no buses at all on Sunday or holidays.

    Even the Senator from Esko, however, has *some* transit available – a commuter express to Duluth run by LCS Coaches.

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