Great Cities – A Science Museum of Minnesota project readers may be interested in the following:

The Science Museum of Minnesota is pursuing the development of Great Cities—an exhibit about the past, present and future of cities. We want your help to prototype an idea for this exhibit that we are calling FutureHere.

What we are inviting you to do is pretty simple: take a photograph of the future. More specifically, we would like you to take a picture of an object, feature, place or phenomenon in the Twin Cities that you think reveals how some aspect of the future is beginning to appear in the present. Then tell us a very brief story about that future you see here…

Maybe there is an exciting project happening in your neighbor’s garage that you think may sprout up all over the Twin Cities in 20 years. Perhaps the dying tree in your front yard is a harbinger of urban forestry changes that you think will be pervasive in the future. Maybe that water in your basement was a portent of flooding you think will happen more frequently in the future. Whatever or wherever you think you see the future today, we’d like to see it and know about it.

Submit your images and stories

  1. Fill out a brief Information Sheet about your image.
  2. Submit your image to [email protected]. It must be an image you’ve taken and have the rights to share it with us.

The deadline for images and completed Information Sheets is Friday, April 17, 2015.

Download an example of a completed FutureHere submission to provide you with a sense of how we will compile your image and information.

You are welcome to submit multiple images but please fill out a separate Information Sheet for each image. Feel free to share this invitation with others you think would like to help us try out FutureHere.

If you have any questions please contact Robert at [email protected] or (651) 221-4587.