Chart of the Day: Downtown Minneapolis Employment

Using Zip Codes, these are the number of jobs in Downtown Minnepolis over time.

Using Zip Codes, these are the number of jobs in Downtown Minnepolis over time. Source: Minnesota DEED, compiled by Joe Bernard, City of Minneapolis

Downtown remains at steady state. Square footage is set to increase with the opening of the new buildings in Downtown East. Will that increase total employment or just shuffle desks?


Year Downtown Minneapolis Employment

1980 148000
1990 155000
2000 171000
2002 159000
2012 158000

6 thoughts on “Chart of the Day: Downtown Minneapolis Employment

  1. Paul Strebe

    So… what’s going on? Is the perception that downtown is busier a result of just more people coming downtown for entertainment? What about the types of jobs?

    1. Rosa

      an awful lot more people live and visit downtown these days. They have to come and go and take walks and stuff.

      The footbridges across the river used to be empty all the time, 10-15 years ago, because you had to go through a wasteland of nothingness to get to them. Working downtown didn’t change that – people don’t go for scenic walks along the river on their lunch breaks, they stick with the Skyways or one of the many restaurants within a block or two of the office. And then they get off work and get on the bus or into a car and go home. Now that people live around there, and the Guthrie is down there, those foot & bike paths are really heavily used.

    1. Rosa

      I still think the job numbers aren’t what drives the sidewalk-visible numbers downtown – I worked downtown 1999-2005 when numbers were higher than now, and whole parts around the Metrodome, riverside around where the Guthrie is now, and the North Loop, were just about deserted in the day and early evening.

      Though I’m surprised the foot traffic doesn’t drive more jobs. I guess the street-level businesses are just really small compared to the offices higher up in all those buildings.

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