Window filled with red hearts that have reasons why people love the city

Valentine to Your City

The idea of writing a love letter to your city isn’t new. I hadn’t thought of it in a while, but then I was in Wausau, Wisconsin, last weekend, where downtown storefront windows were filled with red hearts proclaiming reasons why people love Wausau.


Red heart with space to answer the question Why do you love your city


At the state’s oldest bookstore, I donated a buck to the city’s River District to write my own reasons on a heart for the bookstore’s windows. The shop next door had its own collection.

Window filled with red hearts that have reasons why people love the city

Lots of reasons to love Wausau, Wisconsin

There are always things we need to improve everywhere. Once in a while it’s refreshing to focus on what we love about where we are. What do you love about your city, wherever that is?

Downtown street with lights and wreaths hanging above the street

Third Street in downtown Wausau, Wisconsin

If I wrote a valentine to my neighbor Minneapolis this week, I would say that I love how it gives me beautiful reasons to walk on frozen lakes in the middle of winter, like the Luminary Loppet and Art Shanties.

Bicycle with large butterfly wings being ridden on a frozen lake on a sunny day

Butterfly bicycle at the Art Shanties


Large triangles of ice illuminated by candles on a frozen lake

At the Luminary Loppet in Minneapolis

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