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Announcing the streets.mn Annual Summer Picnic!

yogi bearWe can’t wait to see you this year at the streets.mn Annual Summer Picnic on Saturday, July 28th!

The picnic will be held in the outdoor area of Lake Monster Brewing in St. Paul from 2-6pm, and is guaranteed to be fun for all. Bring yourself, bring your family, bring a bicycle if you want, bring a Bird scooter if you want, bring a side-dish (if you are able).

The picnic begins at 2:00pm, with hot food served from 3:30-5pm. We have vegan options, we have vegetarian options, we have meat options! There will be beer specials. Non-alcoholic drinks will be provided. Come one, come all. All are welcome! The food is free!

Not only will we feed you, but the board of streets.mn will be holding an open meeting where we will announce our BRAND NEW MEMBERSHIP program, our chair Bill Lindeke will address the throngs AND we will have an important announcement regarding updating our Mission and Values Statements.

There is so much happening already and we haven’t even mentioned yet that those who sign up to become members of streets.mn during our picnic will receive a FREE WATER BOTTLE with our streets.mn logo printed right on the surface!

The board of streets.mn is very excited about the work we have been doing and where we are heading as an organization and we can’t wait to see all of you at our annual summer picnic so we can tell you all about it.

Please RSVP here so we can get an idea how many plan to attend and which food-type (vegetarian, vegan, meat) you would prefer.

*More details about beer specials and vegetarian/vegan options will be announced later this week

About Tim Brackett

Pronouns: He/Him/His

Tim Brackett (he/him) has been on the board of streets.mn since 2018, and is currently chair of the Anti-Racism committee. Tim recently graduated from Metro State University, where he studied Advocacy and Political Leadership as a Social Science major. He is committed to engaging communities and working collaboratively to build safe, equitable and sustainable transportation choices for everyone. Tim loves live music, exploring the North Shore, and enjoying tacos and beers at a local taproom with his wife (Kari) and dog (Marla).