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To grow the number and types of articles that we publish on, we’ve created a part-time managing editor position for an enthusiastic fan of the types of articles that currently appear, and should appear, on our site. publishes articles and creates events that engage our readers about matters related to transportation and land use, policies, mitigating climate change caused by transportation and policy decisions, and that create positive connections and inclusive conversations about better places in Minnesota. seeks a part-time managing editor or content acquisition person to collaborate with people who have an interest in urbanism, transportation, land use, climate change, social justice and related areas to write about these topics for our specific audience. At, we want to increase the total number of writers we work with and the number of articles that we publish each month. Our writers and editors are volunteers, and their capacity to recruit new content is limited. We want a paid leader to recruit additional articles for our site that help us fulfill our mission.

The part-time managing editor will:

  • Recruit writers to contribute new articles, news, snippets, audio-only “posts” and short videos that match our mission. We are hoping for more diversity in recruitment (both in terms of authors and of stories).
  • Represent in an editorial capacity at community hearings related to transportation and land use.
  • Make story assignments. You may work with some writers to help them develop a story. Plus follow up with authors to ensure content is being developed in a timely manner.
  • Report to the Executive Board, likely once a quarter. The board meets one hour per month.

Duties of the part-time managing editor may also include:

  • Work with the editor-in-chief to plan some upcoming content, like a summary story of transportation issues at the MN legislature, or coverage at a community open house meeting about housing or transportation.
  • Occasionally review content, articles, and photographs for accuracy and appropriateness if editors need help (they often do not). Sometimes a story needs a professional content review beyond simple copy editing.
  • Occasionally help with some of its non-profit fundraising activities. At times you may become the “face” of in promotional materials.

This all sounds like a lot but is close to just 8 hours per week. If you persuade some writers to contribute articles on a more regular basis, those articles pass through to our team of volunteer editors and usually do not require your attention.

Compensation: $25/hr, not to exceed 32 hours per month. You will need to submit an invoice each month.


  • Be a good communicator.
  • Coordinate with writers and editors to keep the pipeline of articles steady.
  • Pick up and develop ideas into stories.
  • Motivate writers and be available for copy editors.
  • Focus on details.

Nice to have:

  • Fundraising/grant-writing experience or desire to learn.
  • Some experience in multimedia, working with graphics, audio and video.
  • Social-media-savvy.
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Please send a letter of introduction and a list of any relevant experience to Erik Ruthruff (

Erik Ruthruff

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Pronouns: he/him

Erik is a project manager and previously worked as a content editor for several companies. He has worked in the Microsoft stack software development community since the mid-1990s in technical education, project management, publishing and conference production. In his spare time, he cycles and does non-profit work. Erik was a volunteer on the Edina Transportation Commission from 2017-2020.