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The mission of is to expand and enhance the conversation about transportation and land use planning through research and informed commentary. The comments section is an important part of that conversation. It is a place to add knowledge and experience, discuss issues more deeply, and learn from each other. We encourage civil, engaged conversation. Our moderators have broad discretion to remove comments that violate our comments policy.

When commenting, please remember that everyone has knowledge and experience and it may be different than your own. We would like everyone to feel comfortable and think of as a safe place to learn and participate in these important discussions. Think before you type, keeping in mind that tone can be difficult to understand in this format.

Comment guidelines

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  3. Come with an attitude of learning. You may be the expert and we want to learn from your experience, but avoid talking down or dismissing other commenter’s experience. Rather than, “I have worked in this field for 100 years and read all these studies and I know you are wrong,” try, “I’m interested in hearing more about your experience. I work in the field and the research says something different.”

Comments that may be removed or flagged by moderators:

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The bottom line: do not be a jerk. We want everyone to feel welcome and you can help make that happen.

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