Author: Jeff Wood

Jeff Wood

Jeff Wood

Jeff Wood is an urban planner focused on transportation and land use issues living and working in the San Francisco Bay Area. Jeff blogs at The Overhead Wire and tweets @theoverheadwire. He also shares news links daily from around the country on issues related to cities at The Direct Transfer

National Links: What Happened to Small Cars?

This week in National Links: obstructionist fire departments, the promise and perils of climate engineering and changes to the Census.

National Links: The Great Asynchronisation

What do our increasingly asynchronous lifestyles mean for transportation moving forward? Plus, a Dutch architect’s floating buildings and the climate boomtowns of the Midwest.

Looking upward at a long set of three escalators in an underground metro station.

National Links: New Ideas on Public Housing

How did Toronto speed up one of their slowest streetcar lines by 50%? This and more answered in this week’s (inter)national urbanist news links.

National Links: An Introverted Economy

Environmentalists are divided in Minneapolis, a California judge orders Beverly Hills to grow and a big funding bill for transit.

National Links: Universal Basic Mobility

California dips a toe into Universal Basic Mobility, cities look to decrease emissions from delivery vehicles and the national housing crisis defined.