Editorial Workflow

Peer Review Process and Editorial Workflow

  1. Every writer for will be assigned to “contributor” status.
  2. Writers will submit their article to the “Pending Review” queue when it’s ready for publishing.
  3. The managing editor will review the article and request changes to improve its clarity, effectiveness or accuracy. The managing editor will also flag the article for follow-up or rejection if they find it contravenes’s editorial policy.
  4. The Editorial Committee (the editor in chief, managing editor and content manager) will assign one person to be editor for each given publishing day.
  5. The Editor of the Day will:
    • Receive an assigned story/stories from the managing editor two to six days before the publishing day.
    • Log in to edit the post(s) at least two days before the publishing day.
    • Edit the post(s) for conformance to our stylebook (generally AP Style), grammatical issues, formatting, etc. as needed.
    • Communicate with the author to let them know when the post will be posted and/or to resolve any major issues. These issues may include language choice, sentence flow, obvious inaccuracy and libel as per writer/editorial guidelines.
    • Discuss with the Editorial Committee as needed. If in doubt, flag the post for further discussion.
    • Schedule accepted posts for their assigned day and time (on days with one article, schedule for early morning, generally between 6 and 8 a.m.).
  6. The editor in chief and managing editor will act as backup editors and will check at the end of the day that the Editor of the Day queued up (a) post(s) for the following day.


Account holders who don’t log in within 12 months will have their account suspended until an active request by the account holder is made and the account is restored. A new password will be requested. Before this occurs, account holders will be notified that this is about to happen.