Protocol for Electronic Decision Making

The following was adopted by the Board July 7, 2014

  1. For electronic decision-making between Board meetings, “Request for Comment” (RfC) will be posted to the under a new thread, indicating “Request for Comment” on a proposed motion; this may be considered a “draft motion”.
  2. An announcement to the Board email list will be made using a new email thread.
  3. One week will be permitted for discussion from the email being sent.
  4. At that time, the original proposer may propose an amended “final motion” for a single up or down vote (without further discussion), which will be posted in a new thread indicating “Motion for Vote” (MfV), with a brief title and a full statement of the motion; this thread is only for voting, not discussion.
  5. This final motion will pass if approved by a majority of the Board (an electronic vote presumes all members in attendance, thus a majority of those meeting is a majority of the Board): a vote for approval will constitute a comment on the thread of the final motion stating “Aye”, indicating voting in favor of the motion; a vote against approval will constitute a comment on the thread stating “Nay”, indicating opposition to the motion.
  6. One week shall pass from the posting of the final motion, to vote-counting.
  7. The votes shall be counted by the Chair, who will send out an email to the Board indicating whether the motion carried.
  8. This motion and the vote outcome will be recorded in the minutes of the following Board meeting.