Utilizing the Space Beneath Bridges – Some More Examples

I want to thank Reuben for posting Utilizing the Space Beneath Bridges

Since I cannot put images in comments, I will post these as further examples, from Borough Market, London, Brixton, and the Darling Harbour, Sydney, respectively. The first three pictures are under railway bridges, the last a freeway bridge.

Borough Market - London

Borough Market – London

Borough Market, London

Borough Market, London

Brixton, London - Shops in the Viaduct

Brixton, London – Shops in the Viaduct

Carousel in Sydney, Australia

Carousel in Sydney, Australia

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2 Responses to Utilizing the Space Beneath Bridges – Some More Examples

  1. Phil January 24, 2013 at 7:19 am #

    Check out the Brooklyn Banks (actually in Manhattan). Another example of skateboarding under a bridge, although this was built as a park and skateboarders ended up adopting it as their own.

  2. Allen February 1, 2013 at 3:47 pm #

    This is by far my favorite under freeway use (I’m biased because I’m a mountain biker). I’ve always thought under 394 would be the perfect place for this.

    Colonade bike park in Seattle: http://trails.evergreenmtb.org/w/index.php?title=Trail:I-5_Colonnade

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