I Love My Commute

This week (Valentine’s Week), we have challenged ourselves at Streets.MN to be positive, which is really much harder than complaining (you see, already I am complaining about having to not complain). So we have a theme, about which we are not entitled to be snarky, What I love about Minnesota.

Wild Turkeys

Red Fox

So what I love about Minnesota is my commute. It is 30 minutes each way from my house to my workplace at the University on foot. Most of the walk is along the river and parks. In short, it is highly walkable, and even the freeway crossings are not difficult as neither involves an interchange. On a good day I might see a bald eagle, a red fox, or a family of wild turkeys. Further, the shortest path route allows me to see the traffic on I-94 twice, so I can check on the status of bottlenecks (which I realize is a highly idiosyncratic reason to like one’s commute, but it’s a professional hazard).


The best thing is that Minnesota has enough congestion to keep me employed, but not so much to severely impact my personal quality of life.

2 thoughts on “I Love My Commute

  1. Reuben CollinsReuben Collins

    So, do you always take the same route? Do you ever turn north on that little pathway between Franklin and Williams just east of your first I-94 crossing? It’s not much of a time-saver, but I always liked walking through there. It feels like a secret passage. I used to live in one of the houses on the south end of the Williams Ave cul-de-sac across from the park and would walk through there frequently. Cities need more short connecting pathways like this.

  2. David LevinsonDavid Levinson Post author

    I do use some other routes, sometimes along the I-94 noise wall, which is a hidden passage — but not during winter because it is not well cleared, sometimes through Prospect Park to University (when I am dropping my daughter off at her bus stop), sometimes through Prospect Park and Glendale Homes to Huron.

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