1st Annual Minneapolis Bike ‘n’ Brew Tour

Whatcha’ doing this Friday night at 5pm? Nothing? Oh, that’s cool. Kinda.

Join local urban and transportation celebrity bloggers on the 1st Annual Minneapolis Bike ‘n’ Brew Tour.


The route is a simple 8 (eight) miles that start at Harriet Brewing Company at 5pm. The route will then progress up through Northeast as the night goes on. Here’s the line-up:

Feel free to join at any point during the evening. We’ll be live tweeting @StreetsMN the progress of the ride, so make sure to check there. There will be a live podcast throughout the ride that will cover topics ranging from biking, local brews and whatever else.
Please bring the following items:
  • Bike
  • Bike Helmet
  • Bike Lock
  • Lights
  • ID Card indicating you are above 21 years of age
  • Money (recommended)
  • Water Bottle (recommended)
  • Light Jacket (recommended)

Thanks, and we look forward to seeing you there!

13 thoughts on “1st Annual Minneapolis Bike ‘n’ Brew Tour

  1. Nathaniel

    Filtering tax-free non-profit donations to alcohol consumption might be frowned upon, but I think it may be technically legal if properly disclosed.

  2. John

    You guys are missing out by skipping over northbound brew pub. I would have started there as opposed to harriet. just sayin.

    1. Nathaniel

      Northbound is a great place and I certainly didn’t mean to snub it. As the route planner, I felt that Harriet was more central, hence we are using it as the starting point. We’ll certainly do another Bike ‘n’ Brew in the future and I’ll make sure to get Northbound on the list.

  3. Matt SteeleMatt

    Anyone have ideas for some sort of bike/human transport back to the south side that doesn’t involve two city buses or pedaling?

    1. Nathaniel

      You might be out of luck. I recommend a cab. Or, doing Nice Ride to downtown and then jumping on a bus back to South Minneapolis.

  4. Kadence

    I’m not sure how large a turnout is expected for this event, but you should call ahead to alert these breweries that you’ve organized an event to bring in more people to patronize their businesses – or devise a backup plan, stat.

    A bunch of us urban planning students participated in the Minneapolis Bike Coalition’s “Bikes and Brewvies” back in March and while Fulton is pretty large and was able to accommodate most of us (albeit it was essentially standing room only), Dangerous Man is almost always at capacity every weekend. Indeed is a bit better on space, but you might run into the same problems that we did.

    1. Pedro

      Thanks for the suggestion Kadence. Based on Twitter activity, I know that at least Indeed, Harriet, and Dangerous Man are aware that we’re doing this. Dangerous man is often over capacity with a line out front, so I wouldn’t be surprised if we aren’t able to gain entrance.

      1. Nathaniel

        Kadence – Good recommendation. Every brewery has been contacted via e-mail (and/or online contact forms) and also on Twitter.

  5. minneapolisite

    Meh. As usual with sporadic Mpls biking events, I either forget or I have something more important going on at the same time. This time, it’s the latter.

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