Uncle Sam wants You

Streets.MN wants You

Streets.MN seeks hard-working, selfless individuals to contribute to the best community blog in Minnesota focusing on land use and transportation issues. Grammar skills required, Creativity essential, WordPress a plus. Driver’s License not required. If you are interested, upload a sample post here. Salary non-negotiable.

7 thoughts on “HELP WANTED

  1. Xan

    You can’t attach a file on the contact page. Do you want the entire sample in the message box? What about pics?

  2. Laura EashLaura Eash

    David, I am interested in contributing. About how many words should my sample post be?

    1. David LevinsonDavid

      I would guess posts average 800 words, but they can be as long or short as needed to convey the message, while following Strunk and White’s “omit needless words”

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