Martin Olav Sabo Bridge (Minneapolis)

Greenway Bridge over Hiawatha Avenue. Some rights reserved by Alan Wilfahrt

Greenway Bridge over Hiawatha Avenue. Some rights reserved by Alan Wilfahrt

By Streetfilms

In 2007, in order to route cyclists away from a challenging 7-lane crossing on busy Hiawatha Avenue, Minneapolis built the Martin Olav Sabo Bridge.

The first cable-stayed bridge of any kind in the state, it’s breathtaking, even to the people who have been riding it for years. It provides a safe, continuous crossing and offers up a glorious view of the downtown skyline (especially at sunset!). The sleek Hiawatha light rail line runs beneath it, and there are benches to sit on and take everything in.

Used by an average of 2,500 riders a day, peak use can hit 5,000 to 6,000 per day on some gorgeous summer weekends, according to Shaun Murphy of the Minneapolis Department of Public Works.

The bridge was named in honor of Minneapolis’ Martin Olav Sabo, a former U.S. Representative from the 5th District who helped secure much of the $5 million needed to build it. Thanks to the Bikes Belong Foundation for enabling us to feature this majestic piece of bike architecture and to show that investing is cycling and walking is well worth every penny for our communities.

2 thoughts on “Martin Olav Sabo Bridge (Minneapolis)

  1. Alex

    I love the picture of the bridge lit up at night. During repairs those lights got turned off. The bridge has been open for months and the lights have not been turned back on. I wonder what the story is?

  2. Joe ScottJoe Scott

    The Sabo Bridge may be majestic, but I prefer the understated beauty of morning sun glinting off freshly broken glass on the 24th st. pedestrian overpass.

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