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Dale Street and Central Avenue signs with honorary street names.

A Far-Too-Deep Gander at Street Name Signs

We generally ignore street name signs until we’re in unfamiliar territory, and even then, we overlook their details. Here, we examine St. Paul’s street name signs.

Artist Hend al-Mansour poses with her outdoor mural.

Five Faces of Healing: Public Art’s Power to Transform

A mural on the wall of Target on East Lake Street reminds shoppers and passersby of the neighborhood’s resilience and the power of the city’s diversity.

A miniature stone house with a green roof covered in yellow-green Sedum.

Miniature Garden Tour of Saint Paul

As an avid miniature gardener, I try to keep an eye out for other miniature gardens when I see them in public places. I’ve toyed with the idea of trying to organize a miniature garden tour, but I don’t think I will ever get it together since I’m too shy to go knock on strangers’ […]