Prince’s Walk Score

From the “Things transportation planners might wonder about while standing in line beside a vacant lot for two and a half hours to get into a Prince concert at Paisley Park without a phone because he doesn’t allow them inside” files:

What’s Paisley Park’s Walk Score?

Paisley Park Walk Score is 45 for Car-Dependent

Paisley Park is at least a notch above the average Walk Score for Chanhassen, which is 23 (on the scale of 100 with 100 being the most walkable). For Paisley Park visitors or residents, “most” errands require a car, a small step above the rest of the car-dependent city’s average, where “almost all” errands require a car.

For example, Prince only has to walk 0.2 miles to get his groceries at General Mills Inc. down the street, according to Walk Score. He’d better like Cheerios.

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