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Walking All the Streets of Northern Morris Park

One might think the Morris Park neighborhood is named for the park within it, Morris Park. One would be wrong. The park is a comparative newcomer, named for its proximity to the Morris Park School. Which in turn is named for the neighborhood. Which is named for its northeastern portion, the Morris Park Addition to Minneapolis. Neither […]

National Links: Designing Pedestrian Dignity

Why green space doesn’t make suburbs more environmentally friendly than cities, how Japanese toddlers are more helpful to their parents and more on global urban trends.

Walking All the Streets of Western Minnehaha

Weeks after I walked the eastern half of the Minnehaha neighborhood, another nice Sunday came along — this time with the added bonus of a newly opening bakery.

Walking All the Streets of Eastern Minnehaha

One can’t avoid the “Cult of Hiawatha” in the southeastern portion of Minneapolis, and so I once again found myself in a neighborhood named for one fictional Indian (Minnehaha) bounded by a highway named for another (Hiawatha), all of which was supposed to somehow make people feel better about living on the land of real […]

Walking All the Streets of Western Midtown Phillips

A glance at the map shows that Midtown Phillips is quite different west of 12th Avenue South than east of that line, where I previously walked. Instead of a dense street grid accommodating primarily small-scale residences, the western half features larger spaces holding two hospitals, a park, a school, and a major mixed-use complex of offices, […]

A Twin Cities Green Big Year

Like many others, our extended family started having regular Zoom gatherings during the stay-at-home phase of the pandemic. Before Covid, we’d never had a group call of any type, but suddenly our four households in St. Paul, Jersey City, Baltimore and the Gulf Coast of Florida were spending an hour together on Zoom every Sunday. […]

Walking All the Streets of Eastern Midtown Phillips

Walking the Eastern Midtown Phillips neighborhood reveals a diversity of cultures and an appreciation for the love of family, the appreciation of good food and the need for dignity and self-expression that all Minnesotans share.

Walking All the Streets of Mid-City Industrial Area, Day 2

In the early 1920s, the Mid-City Industrial Area’s first big wave of development centered on Stinson Boulevard. One hundred years later, that area has undergone a new wave of adaptive redevelopment, as I saw on a short but rich walk. This filled the core I had left out in my prior walk around the industrial area. […]