Minneapolis Mayoral Transportation Forum Video Roundup

Here is the unofficial Streets.MN Minneapolis Mayoral Transportation Forum Video* Roundup.

This event was sponsored by the Minneapolis Bicycle Coalition, Streets.MN, the Interdisciplinary Transportation Student Organization (ITSO), the Minnesota Urban Studies Students Association (MUSSA), UrbanMSP, and the Alliance for Metropolitan Stability.

The forum was moderated by Paula Pentel, coordinator of the Urban Studies Program at the University of Minnesota

*Note: There was a problem while editing and uploading the video. As a result, some names and titles may not properly appear.

4 thoughts on “Minneapolis Mayoral Transportation Forum Video Roundup

  1. Tom

    I don’t know how anyone who cares about density, climate change, and transit and biking infrastructure could come out of the debate, not supporting Betsy Hodges. She is by far the most qualified individual for the job of mayor and provided eloquent and informed answers. I really expected more from the other candidates. I was shocked by their general platitudes and intellectual paucity. They all came off as nice people, but it seemed like they decided to run for mayor for the fun of it, without having done the due diligence to really possess a command of the issues. Hodges clearly stood out. I really hope she becomes mayor, because I love her vision and think that she has the necessary experience and understanding to realize it.

  2. Nathaniel

    Tom – I agree that Betsy is a smart, capable candidate for Mayor and Minneapolis certainly wouldn’t be worse off having her as Mayor.

    But, I sincerely disagree with your statements that the other candidates aren’t for density (or, “urbanism” as I would call it), transit *or* climate measures. I don’t think there is any validity to that statement.

    Mark Andrew, for example, has made sustainability a key focal point of his campaign. Cam Winton, while not supporting streetcars, has gone to bat for improving our existing bus services, including local (*real local*) express services. And regarding density, most all candidates have expressed an interest of adding density to the city.

    You like Betsy. I agree. She’s great. But, I think you’re unfairly characterizing the other top candidates.

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