Sidewalk Tour: Minneapolis Skyway System and the Last Holidazzle

holidazzleYou are invited to a tour of the Minneapolis Skyway system, which turned 50 just last year. I did a bunch of research on the Minneapolis skyways a while back, and am going to take people to a few of the highlights of the system.

Plus this is the last chance to see the Holidazzle Parade, a 21-year tradition that’s being put out of its misery this year.

Skyways, as you know, are a controversial topic on this site. I hate them, others love them. Sam’s recent post about Block E points to one of the problems with them, and you’ll find a representative skyway debate in the comments section there. At some point in the tour, perhaps while watching R.T. Rybak lead the Holidazzle from the comfort of an enclosed bridge, Minneapolis-based travel writer Leif Pettersen and I are going to lead a discussion on their pros and cons. Leif lives downtown and is a big skyway propenent, so it should be fun.

Here’s the invite on Facebook, and a writeup on my blog. See you there!

  • What: Skyway/Holidazzle Tour
  • When: This Friday at 5:45
  • Where: Meet at 8th St Grill, 8th and Marquette. Walk around from there.