2013 Best Neighborhood for Families in St. Paul: Mac-Groveland

The Mac-Groveland neighborhood has been voted the best neighborhood for young families in St. Paul by Streets.MN readers (inching out Hamline –Midway and Highland Park by only 2 and 3 votes).



Profiling Mac-Groveland is difficult, especially on the evening of December 23rd as one prepares for Christmas. It’s a nice place, what else is there to say? There is a quaint, little movie theater, good schools, ample neighborhood parks, a nice housing stock and eclectic retail. It’s safe and walkable. It’s not the most affordable place to live in St. Paul, but it just might be the best overall value.

All in all – Mac Grove is a good place. And, it won our voting! Congratulations! Oh, and the Groveland Tap is great. However, there has been a rash of SUV tire thefts in the neighborhood, so be careful – or, they could be local eco-terrorists, stopping the world’s SUV drivers from destroying the world!