Then & Now: 1101 West Broadway


1929 and 2010


Since it was built in 1890 the old building at 1101 West Broadway has been home to a YWCA, a Piggly Wiggly, a Chinese restaurant called the Moy Cafe, a candy store,cigar store, dentists and doctors’ offices and a building contractors’ offices. Heenepin County took over the building when it was abandoned after a tax foreclosure in 1992. In 2005, the Ackerberg Group, Welsh Construction, Emerge Community Development (ECD), and City County Federal Credit Union (CCFSU) worked with the City of Minneapolis acquire and renovate the long-vacant building. In 2007 a $4 million renovation project that included tuck-pointing, the addition of an elevator, new roof, all new mechanical, electrical and plumbing,the replacement of storefronts,a new parking lot with 69 stalls and a drive-thru bank was completed. In 2008, the building was the recipient of the Neighborhood Preservation Award from the Minneapolis Heritage Preservation Commission and the American Institute of Architects. Today 1101 West Broadway is home to the Avenue Eatery. Wings Credit Union and the community organization, Emerge.


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  1. Jeff Klein

    A rare bit of good news for West Broadway. They have a handful more of stately buildings such as that one but more or less all of them are in danger of being demolished as nobody can afford to repair them.

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