Hüsker Dü – Makes No Sense At All (video)

Hüsker Dü is one of Minneapolis’s most iconic rock bands and listening to them always makes me feel like I missed out because I wasn’t even a teenager yet when they hit their prime with the 1985 release of Flip Your Wig. On the contrary, this video for Makes No Sense at All does not make me feel like I missed out on much by not visiting Minneapolis often during my childhood. We see shots of the IDS tower almost alone on the skyline and lots of drive-by tracking shots of blank walls, parking structures, and freeway infrastructure.  At least I did get to see Bob Mould play while I was a college student in a very Minnesota-like indoor shopping mall situated on the outskirts of Paris, France in the late 1990s. I felt like I was right back at home.

This song and video always makes me feel good about Minneapolis although I don’t quite know why–It does include a little You’re Gonna Make it After All cover at the end. We do get to see a mid 1980s Nicollet Mall complete with fountains–both decorative and drinking! I hope it makes you feel good about Minneapolis (and Saint Paul) too.


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