Sledding at Columbia Golf Course? “Totally EPIC!”

IMG_0995We’ve always loved the sledding at Columbia Park Golf Course. And that was before I realized that that building there? IT SELLS SNACKS!

Boasting the steepest slopes in NE Minneapolis, Columbia Golf Course offers different sized hills for all levels of sledders. Looking for the big kahuna? Once parked, just climb the hill to the right through the trees. Then behold the steep-sledding glory on the other side.

We must be weekday sledders because I had no idea the Columbia Manor building was ever open. But on weekends (and no-school days), it is! And inside you can rent snow tubes ($5) and cross-country skis ($11 package), and warm up with a snack (candy bar, chips, pop, hot chocolate, coffee-—nothing fancy). There’s a big-screen TV and a cozy couch, if the wee ones need a break. There are a few tables too. Just add pizza delivery for a budget-friendly sledding party! The building’s usually closed for the season after President’s Day Weekend, but I’ve been told it’s going to stay open for a few more weekends because of the recent snownami.

According to my official poll of three nine-year-old experts, here’s what’s great about sledding at Columbia: 1. It’s big. 2. Steep hills. 3. It’s awesome. The downside according to my official poll of tired adults? There are no tow ropes (see #2). But that’s not going to stop a toughie like you is it?

Sledding at Columbia Golf Course – FREE!
3300 Central Ave. NE
Minneapolis, MN 55418

Clubhouse Hours:
Weekends and no-school days
9 am – 5 pm

Amy Hernandez

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Amy Hernandez may not know a lot about land use and transportation issues, but she does know a few cool things to do with kids in the Twin Cities. A freelance copywriter, she lives in Northeast Minneapolis with one amazing boy, a saintly husband, and a hyperactive Border Collie mix named Chewie.

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