Category: Children

A Eulogy for Our Stolen Bikes

Bikes are just things, and yet they become part of you, infused with the experiences you have while riding. When a thief steals the bikes, where do the memories go?

Imagining Climate Superheroes

The second in our series about how climate change affects school children features the creative writing and strong voices of 826 MSP students.

Young Authors Speak Out on Climate Justice

The creators and sustainers of 826 MSP center BIPOC youth voices and leadership. They believe what young people write matters and they work to amplify youth voices to effect change — in this case, to reverse climate change.

Urbanist Grades for Books for Babies

As a new dad, our author is reading lots of baby and toddler books, over and over again. But few promote an urbanist lifestyle that doesn’t rely on large motor vehicles.