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Animation of development project for Downtown East by Ryan Companies.

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  1. Adam MillerAdam

    What’s with the low buildings on the west end of The Yard? Are those new to the proposal?

    And is that a curbless Portland Avenue or just a flat rendering of the street?

    Looks pretty good to me.

    1. Mike Seim

      That’s the 1/3 of the block Ryan kept the development rights to, rendered as a residential building of some sort.

      Con: It takes up 1/6 of the proposed park land

      Pro: It hides the ugly jail from the park

      1. Adam MillerAdam

        Yeah, I think those might both be pros.

        A smaller park might be better (I’m thinking about all the posts on here about the importance of having enough people use the park), and a park with more active buildings around it definitely is.

        One of my biggest concerns about the park plan was that it was surrounded on three sides by things that did not involve many people most of the time (jail, empty armory, parking ramp, juvie, stadium). Adding another residential building sounds like a great idea.

  2. Sam RockwellSam

    There are a few weird elements to this animation. First, why is there no one in the park in any of the animations (at 1:07 and 1:26, for example)? I know it is just a computer program and that they might not have the capability of putting people in the park, but it sets a pretty low-ball expectation for the use of the area. Also, the building frontage shown at 0:51 and on are not pedestrian scale at all — the buildings are set way back from the sidewalk with planters or something separating peds from windows. It doesn’t seem like Ryan is planning to make the perimeter of the park a busy space, and it is hard to imagine a 24 hour downtown park without at least a couple active storefronts.

    I like that there is a jay walker at 1:03.

  3. Jim

    This is a terrible setting for a (huge, windswept) park, and the animation only confirms it. Hate to say it, but it’s true.

    This is what happens when politicians let plutocrats master-plan their city.

      1. Jim

        It’s not all parking. (But all the parking IS huge and windswept, yep.)

        If we wanted to make this a real neighborhood, the Strib building should have stayed. It could have been turned into live/work space for artists or entrepreneurs, or a maker-space, with some retail on ground level. Then they could ditch the little apartment building in the park. There would still be a one-block park, but it would be framed better.

  4. Cadillac Kolstad

    A few issues for consideration:
    -This is done through a large amount of public financing, mostly from the city.
    -Minneapolis has a near 20% vacancy rate for office space.
    -The Star Tribune demo is accomplished because of public money. Many people object and this park could be accomplished without demolition. The Demo is primarily for Parking!
    -Elliot park, Riverfront parkland, and Gold medal park are already near here.
    -It is not a secret this park is being pushed to enhance the experience of attendees of sporting events many of whom do not live in the city.
    -There is very little if any requirment of green building practices, even though we are providing millions of dollars ( Plus a billion for the stadium )

    FYI Adam – The owner of the Armory plans to renovate it as an events center!

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