Last Week in MPLS Episode 6

In Episode 6 of Last Week in MPLS, Tom and Scott talked to Matt Decuir of OMG Transit and Break the Bubble. He joined us in person, which is a podcast first! Another podcast first is Scott flopping a joke in the first 30 seconds.

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Topics of conversation:

Robert Smith, De The Cure

Singles Exchange

Great bike organizations for people who aren’t white dudes:
Grease Rag, Cycles for Change, SPOKES

David Levinson’s theory of constraints

Why Scott rides his bike on Lyndale Avenue

shared space

Shared space
From La Citta Vita on Flickr

Tom’s preferred shampoo

Triumph of the City

Racist map of Minneapolis from 1935

I-35W threatens historic Healy district

I-335, the freeway that never was’s Midwest Capital Call

Break the Bubble

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