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The State of the Union (Depot) Address

This week we’re joined by Brian Nelson, President of All Aboard Minnesota, to chat about the current status of passenger rail projects in Minnesota.

Urban Highway Removal and YOU!

The movement to remove highways from our cities is having a bit of a moment right now! Let’s learn about why we would want to remove highways, and dive into a few such projects happening in Minnesota.

Podcast #127: Saint Paul’s 6th Ward with Nelsie Yang

I am happy to bring you a conversation with Nelsie Yang, who is a candidate for City Council in Saint Paul’s Sixth Ward, which covers the large northern part of the East Side. Yang is a community organizer who is advocating for economic sustainability, affordable housing, and better public safety on the East Side. We […]

Podcast #126: Saint Paul Climate Action with Chelsea DeArmond

I’m happy to bring you a conversation with Chelsea DeArmond, one of the founders of Saint Paul’s chapter. 350 dot org is an international climate action group that is trying very hard to place climate change at the center of our cultural conversations, and catalyze change in how we use energy in the US. […]

Podcast #124 – Saint Paul’s Ward One with Liz De La Torre

Today I’m bringing you a conversation with Liz De La Torre, who is running for City Council in Saint Paul’s Ward 1. I sat down with Liz a while back at the Heritage Tea House on University Avenue to talk about her campaign, her background working as a advocate for victims of domestic violence, and […]

Podcast #123: Saint Paul’s Ward 6 with Terri Thao

This podcast is an interview with Terri Thao, who is running for City Council in Saint Paul’s 6th Ward, on the East Side of the city. Terri Thao is a long-time non-profit professional, former Planning Commissioner, and community organizer, among other things, who has spent years working on issues around housing, transit, and economic development […]

Podcast #122: Planning for Walking in Saint Paul with Fay Simer

Today I’m bringing you a conversation with Fay Simer. Fay Simer is the Pedestrian Coordinator for Saint Paul Public Works Department, and she has been working diligently on the city’s first ever official pedestrian plan. Like most cities, Saint Paul has never had an official plan for how to design a city for people to […]