Elf and Fairy Houses at North Mississippi Regional Park

Carl Kroening Interpretive Center:  Where the fairy magic happens.

Carl Kroening Interpretive Center:
Where the fairy magic happens.

When I was little, I was mildly obsessed with tiny people a la the Borrowers. Growing up, we had a bottle-shaped vase on our piano and I’d pretend my very own Jeannie lived in there.

If your kiddo has a big imagination involving tiny humans, I say embrace it. And hurry up and build those little people a home before they take residence in your desk and start stealing your office supplies!

You and your kiddo (ages 6 and up) can learn how to create your own elf and fairy house at North Mississippi Regional Park Saturday, May 3, 10 am – 12 pm. Together you can explore the woods, get inspired and gather your building materials along the way. Then, get to work with all the how-tos you need to end elfin homelessness (you’ll be given a base to build from to make things easier if you prefer). Children must be accompanied by an adult (adults without children are welcome too). Reserve your spot by next Wednesday (4/30); cost is $10/house.

Your enchanted forest awaits.

Elf and Fairy Houses
Saturday, May 3, 10 am – 12 pm
Cost: $10/house

Carl W. Kroening Interpretive Center
at North Mississippi Regional Park
4900 Mississippi Ct.
Minneapolis, MN 55430

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