My Two Sense: Gas Station in Saint Michael, MN

view from my car

I’m sitting in my car next to the gas pump listening to the hard rain.  It’s falling in that way that sounds like rolling pebbles.  I can hear engines murmuring nearby and a man chattering violently on his phone about how people give you looks when you buy less than $5 in gasoline.

I got hooked on the smell of gas when I was a kid.  I have to make a conscious effort not to breathe it in when I’m fueling up.  I sit in my car to avoid my addiction as the numbers roll up.  My car smells stale and a little bit like coffee.

Andrea Steudel

About Andrea Steudel

Andrea Steudel is currently a public artist and aspiring electrical lineman, formerly an event planner and art administrator. She likes to indulge in the latest technologies and admire the newest engineering feats while secretly believing that decivilization is the only true path to a sustainable world.