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Central Park in New York City in the fall. A wide path lined with lights and benches, covered by a large tree canopy.

National Links: Olmstead’s 200th Birthday

Last Tuesday would have been famed landscape architect Frederick Law Olmsted’s 200th birthday. His thinking on design would change the way we think about urban parks and the restorative nature of green space in urban places. While most know of his most famous work of Central Park in New York City, he designed as part of his practice hundreds of other parks around the country. A new guide features some of these lesser-known spaces.

National Links: Transit and Housing

National Links examines why transit matters: in where we work, in the urgency to coordinate transit and housing, in the need for federal funding.

A large, multistory shopping mall

National Links: The American Nightmare Mall

The American Dream mall in New Jersey is a dreadful reminder of America’s consumer culture. The boondoggle suffered from decades of delay, shady business deals and billions of dollars spent in taxpayer money – its eponymous name certainly seems fitting.