CNU22: Ben Hamilton-Baillie

Hat Tip to Nate Hood who Tweeted this excellent presentation on shared space street design. The presentation begins at the 17 minute point of the video.

Ben Hamilton-Baillie is a recovering architect, trouble-maker, and leading UK exponent of the principles of “shared space.” His practical work for cities, towns, and villages combines traffic engineering, place-making and behavioral psychology in pursuit of economic and social vitality, safety and civility.
Ben worked with the late Hans Monderman until the latter’s death in 2008. Their work has helped challenge long-standing assumptions about street design, speed control, and the concepts of risk and safety. The growing number of schemes drawing on these principles is transforming policy and practice across Europe, and has the potential to do the same in the US.

Hamilton-Baillie’s research and projects reinforce the notion that, in the urban context, streets serve more functions than just moving vehicles. Treating drivers as citizens participating in the dynamics of the public realm appears to allow more efficient movement patterns in addition to fostering trade and social interactions.
Ben Hamilton-Baillie is be joined by Norman Garrick, one of America’s leading researchers on street and traffic effects on the urban environment. Garrick is Associate Professor of Civil Engineering at the University of Connecticut. He introduces and responds to Ben Hamilton-Baillie’s presentation.

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