Charts of the Day: Non-Motorized Transportation Pilot Project Results

The Federal Non-Motorized Pilot Project, where Minneapolis was one of four places in the US to receive lots of money to entice new bicyclists and pedestrians, recently published another report on the progress they’ve made. Here are some Minneapolis-specific charts from it…


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2 Responses to Charts of the Day: Non-Motorized Transportation Pilot Project Results

  1. Rosa July 8, 2014 at 9:42 pm #

    is there a map somewhere of where bike parking was added? Just because I’m curious. That’s a lot of “bike parking”, and still unless the weather’s bad all the actual bike racks are parked up everywhere I go.


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    […] 2013, Bicycling, Income, and Ethnicity, and (multiple charts about Minneapolis’ federally funded) Non-Motorized Transportation Pilot Project Results. From charts to a map: Map Monday: Saint Paul Horsecars and Cablecars in […]

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