Superman Declares War on Reckless Drivers

The early days of motoring were a dangerous time to be a pedestrian. In Philadelphia alone in just 1928, there were over 7,000 pedestrian accidents. The carnage was something that was previously unseen, and its unfortunately become something of the status quo. If you’re interested in hearing more, Freakonomics covered it on a recent podcast.


Big Hat Tip: To see more, check out Aaron Naparstek‘s presentation titled, “No Accident: Design for a Safe, Healthy, Sustainable City”.

No fear. Superman is here. From Action Comics #12 from 1939 (you can buy an original copy for only $25,500!). Click to enlarge comic strip.



And, the final frame of the comic …

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One Response to Superman Declares War on Reckless Drivers

  1. Jym Dyer July 11, 2014 at 6:50 pm #

    Action Comics #1, the very first appearance of Superman, has a famous cover illustration of him smashing a car:

    I guess it’s kind of a thing with him. ;^)

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