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Two colorfully loaded touring bikes lean against a brick wall.

Thoughts on Being a Car-Free Family

Individuals may opt to go car-free fairly easily, but what about families? Learn how a 50-year-old who’s never had a driver’s license and her partner inspired their now-grown children to a more climate-friendly way of life.

Can You Imagine One Day a Week Without a Car?

Several local transportation and advocacy groups have banded together in a weeks-long celebration dubbed Car-Free MSP as a lead-up to World Car-Free Day on September 22. See how participating can leave a positive impact.

Tips for Utilitarian Cycling, Part 1

Getting started with biking on a daily basis can be an intimidating experience! This week Ian and fellow bike commuter Melody Hoffmann talk about the solutions they have developed for the challenges of utilitarian cycling. Stay tuned for part 2 with even more tips!

A smiling dog sits in a cargo bike bucket with bags of mulch.

Dogs by Bike

A senior dog with separation anxiety who howls can’t be left alone at home for long. What to do in a one-car family? A fancy dog backpack and a simple cargo bike.