Charts of the Day: Minneapolis Bike Commuting (Vs. the Rest of the USA)

Here are three charts showing how Minneapolis ranks compared to other cities (such as Portland, OR) in terms of bicycle commute-to-work mode share as measured by the ACS Census Data (an annual in-depth door-to-door survey).

While each of these charts use the same data, they look very different! The first is through 2011, and shows a declining trend. The second includes 2012 numbers, and is more optimistic. The third is from BikePortland and offers annual numbers which show a plateau for Portland, OR.

(Note: the ACS data has a relatively small sample size, and is thus prone to some random statistical fluctuation. Also note: I blogged about some of the differences between these counts and the Minneapolis city-wide counts last year, for the curious.)

2011 ACS bike modeshare


2012 ACS bike modeshare

[This second graph, which seems to use rolling averages, is from The Atlantic Citylab.]

2012 ACS bike modeshare 2

[For good measure, another graph of the same data which is less sanguine about Portland’s ascendancy.]

Finally, I couldn’t find the 2013 numbers for some reason. If anyone has a link to those, please share in the comments!

6 thoughts on “Charts of the Day: Minneapolis Bike Commuting (Vs. the Rest of the USA)

    1. Bill LindekeBill Lindeke Post author

      Oooh I can’t wait. We’ve been building our boulevard network out quite substantially. NE Mpls almost feels like SE Portland now. I’m expecting big things.

  1. Nicole

    Why do all these counts only count “commuters”? It drives me crazy. My husband is a stay-at-home-dad and I home office and/or am flying, so neither of us has a typical “commute”. However, he’s logged 1200 miles with the kids since May on his bike, and I’m near 500. We don’t even count in these surveys. I’ve started saying running the kids to and from school is a “commute” just to be able to take part.

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