Charts of the Day: Minneapolis Bike Commuting (Vs. the Rest of the USA)

Here are three charts showing how Minneapolis ranks compared to other cities (such as Portland, OR) in terms of bicycle commute-to-work mode share as measured by the ACS Census Data (an annual in-depth door-to-door survey).

While each of these charts use the same data, they look very different! The first is through 2011, and shows a declining trend. The second includes 2012 numbers, and is more optimistic. The third is from BikePortland and offers annual numbers which show a plateau for Portland, OR.

(Note: the ACS data has a relatively small sample size, and is thus prone to some random statistical fluctuation. Also note: I blogged about some of the differences between these counts and the Minneapolis city-wide counts last year, for the curious.)

2011 ACS bike modeshare


2012 ACS bike modeshare

[This second graph, which seems to use rolling averages, is from The Atlantic Citylab.]

2012 ACS bike modeshare 2

[For good measure, another graph of the same data which is less sanguine about Portland’s ascendancy.]

Finally, I couldn’t find the 2013 numbers for some reason. If anyone has a link to those, please share in the comments!

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