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Make a B-Line to the Metropolitan Council

An anonymous reader writes in:


 If anyone is available to attend a Met Council meeting at 4 pm (Wednesday July 23), this could get interesting.

Met Council/Metro Transit had most of the $28 million for the B line (West 7th) in place, but at the last minute Ramsey County (with St. Paul as second) did something procedurally to  prevent Metro transit from using its own money to get MSP region’s FTA formula funds and complete design work in time before other funds to build the project expire. They are doing this because they think Riverview LRT will be open soon.  The B Line would be open before the LPA process for Riverview can even be adopted in 2016.  Nothing about ABRT on the B Line would prevent future light rail service.
So, for the next decade (if we’re lucky), we’ll continue to have substandard bus service while we argue about an LRT line that once built, won’t go fast enough.
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