The Pedway: Elevating London

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The Pedway: Elevating London is a documentary on the post-war redevelopment in the City of London – focusing on the attempt to build an ambitious network of elevated walkways through the city. Featuring interviews with professor of town planning Michael Hebbert (UCL), architecture critic Jonathan Glancey, city planning officer Peter Wynne Rees and writer Nicholas Rudd-Jones (Pathways), the film explores why the ‘Pedway’ scheme was unsuccessful and captures the abandoned remains that, unknown to the public, still haunt the square mile.

Planned & Constructed by Chris Bevan Lee –

Note it cites the Twin Cities skyway system as one that works, in comparison with London.

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  1. helsinki

    Paris has a similar system connecting the Beaugrenelle towers. It sort of works, but the pedestrian level is horrendously windy and the auto level is orange-lit and smells overpoweringly of diesel fumes. Both levels are utterly devoid of street life.

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