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Readership and writership on

Readership and writership on

While we try to avoid being too navel-gazely over here at, today’s chart of the day is about you, our readers. We plot site visits per month vs. articles written per month, starting in January 2012, the official launch of the site.

The correlation (r) between site visits (left axis, blue), and articles (right axis, green) posted is 0.951 (r^2 would be 0.90). In large part, if we want more site visits, we need more articles. (And if we want more articles, we need more writers). ((And if want more writers we need more readers.))

Our record month for pageviews was last month (July 2014), though we had more visits in April. (Thank you “Dinkytown Riots”!)

While most sites are proprietary with this data, (a) we don’t sell ads, and (b) we have no competition.