Chart of the Day: MSP v. US Transit Rates

Comparing transit rates for different cities and (college) towns in the United States, Minneapolis-Saint Paul is currently ranked #31 behind older East Coast cities, college towns of all stripes, Los Angeles, Honolulu, and Portland/Seattle/Salt Lake. Is that where we should be?

transit rates US

[via 538, ranked by total rides, not by per capita transit usage]


4 thoughts on “Chart of the Day: MSP v. US Transit Rates

  1. Sam NewbergSam Newberg

    Wow, the LA metro area has more transit trips than Chicago. That is somewhat staggering to me.

      1. Al DavisonAl Davison

        Plus on a per capita basis, Chicago does lead over LA (along with a few other major cities). Since the chart is regarding the total amount of rides overall, I agree with JBL that it’s not too outrageous seeing LA ranking 2nd, albeit quite narrowly in my opinion.

  2. Keith Morris

    I’m sure NYC is so far ahead of everyone because they prioritized routes out to burbs and forgot about Manhattan. And Brooklyn? People already live there too, they don’t need transit to attract more residents. We’re sure to climb this chart leaps and bounds after building LRT to Eden Prairie and Brooklyn Park,. Because when people in NYC want to go somewhere in droves, it’s Levittown or Staten Island.

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