Chart of the Day: Millennial Mode Share

Even though I think might want to add a ban on the word ‘millennial’ into its stylesheet, this week an interesting report came out from USPIRG about transportation habits of the generation that is just slightly younger than me (i.e. “millennials”) called “Millennials in Motion.” It comes complete with a bunch of interesting charts like this one…



… which shows different transportation mode usage rates for different generations. Note especially the big spike in transit usage for the under 35 crowd! You can get the whole report here.

6 thoughts on “Chart of the Day: Millennial Mode Share

  1. Matt SteeleMatt Steele

    In addition to seeing Car/Truck/Motorcycle as a mode, I’d love to see Car/Truck/Motorcycle Ownership (or even ownership with exclusive use, 1 car to 1 driver) as a category… Even though the ride may fundamentally be the same, there’s a huge difference in how people think about transportation when they are walking to a Car2Go/HourCar, getting picked up for a carpool, borrowing a roommate’s car, sharing a car with a spouse/SO, etc.

  2. Brian Finstad

    Green Equity Renter Millennial Density Transit. Does that about cover all of the current “buzz words?” I’m half tempted to suggest a contest of the most creative use of them all in the same sentence. Oh wait . . . Include “place making” too. Lol

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